Season 27 Preseason Playoff Schedule update and Fresh Meat Movie Challenge

Date May 16, 2017


Due to us finding a way we’ve gained Sunday the 21st as a playday for the preseason playoffs. The new schedule can be found below.

Fresh Meat Challenge Frag Movie Contest

As mentioned with the initial announcement there is a Frag Movie contest paired with the tournament. The frag movie contest winner shall be decided by a public vote at the end of the tournament. The winner will be awarded $30 provided by and

If you as a participating Fresh Meat player have a nice clip from a scrim or official with your team feel free to post it in the democall thread.

Each movie must contain the following:

We’ve already gotten 2 submissions so far! First up we have Netherlands Yearosa from Estonia Sweaty Vanguard with Nova Cibum – A Fresh Meat Challenge Frag Movie as first submission of the competition.

Shortly followed by Austria Kuferl from European Invisible Pink Unicorn Squad‘s submission with Invisible Pink Unicorn Squad | The Movie.


S27 Premiership Qualifiers Schedule

Default Dates

Upper Bracket Round 1: 14.05 21:15
Upper Bracket Round 2: 16.05 21:15
Upper Bracket Round 3: 18.05 21:15 – Winners advance to Prem

Lower Bracket Round 1: 18.05 21:15
Lower Bracket Round 2: 21.05 21:15 – Winners advance to Prem

Scheduling Area

UB Round 3 and LB Round 1 can only be played on the 17th if the involved teams have finished their UB Round 2 matches.

Same with the UB Round 2 matches only being playable on the 15th in the case the teams have finished their UB Round 1 matches.

In the case a team wants to go outside of their scheduling range or are having any sort of issues feel free to contact an admin.

Upper Bracket Round 1: 13.05. – 15.05.
Upper Bracket Round 2: 15.05. – 17.05.
Upper Bracket Round 3: 17.05. – 19.05.

Lower Bracket Round 1: 17.05. – 19.05.
Lower Bracket Round 2: 20.05. – 21.05.

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