The Fresh Meat Challenge sponsored by and Playoffs

Date May 8, 2017


The playoffs are now out for the Fresh Meat Challenge and can be seen here or under the competitions tab. Each round must be completed by the respective result deadline, extensions will not be given.

Each team leader must agree on a date and time with the opposing team’s leader, once a date/time has been agreed it must be set on the match page, this can be done under the my matches tab. If you cannot come to an agreement about the date, contact the admin team as soon as possible!

To decide the maps of each game equal seed map elimination will be used more information can be found here or on the match page. Remember that all agreements regarding maps or mercs must be posted on the match page before the game starts and confirmed by both teams leaders to avoid any confusion.

If you have any more questions or queries regarding the playoffs please contact the admin team either on our support channel or Discord.


Round 1: 10.05 – 14.05
Round 2: 15.05 – 17.05
Quarter Finals: 18.05 – 20.05
Semi Finals: 21.05 – 24.05
3rd Place / Grand Final: 25.05 – 27.05

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One Comment

  1. nutshiny: (ETF2L Donator) said:

    And I didn’t get to playoffs after 2 months of hard work. Welp, good luck for everyone who got to playoffs!