2017: Support their charity stream this weekend!

Date May 5, 2017


We here at are not the only people working as volunteers in order to deliver content and provide you with an awesome Team Fortress 2 experience. There a bunch of other amazing gamers out there, including the crew! What’s that supposed to be? is a small team of creators based in the UK. They raise money for Special Effect, who support people with physical disabilities and help them improve their mental and physical health through videogaming, streaming live Team Fortress 2-related events via Twitch.

Hugs17 is a 26 hour live stream taking place across the weekend of the 6/7th May 2017. Running from 18:00 CEST on Saturday 6th May until 20:00 CEST Sunday, with a selection of scheduled events such as competitive showmatches, open public servers, and arts and crafts related to Team Fortress 2. The event will also feature guest appearances from personalities within the European Team Fortress 2 community.

Coverage of the event is being brought to screens via a partnership with, who handle the majority of the video and live in-game content.

Make a difference: Donate to!

Donations can be made at, and in game items can be donated via a partnership with

So, what exactly are they streaming?

You can find the full schedule of the various events at

You should especially (but not only) check out the 6v6 showmatch between the old champions Reason Gaming and the new EU overlords European Se7en on saturday at 20 CEST!

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  1. -Numnutz- said:


  2. Pahan: midboys - kiti said:

    >Reason Gaming vs Se7en
    but this is same team, how can 6 ppl play vs same 6 ppl???????

  3. Jan: (League Admin) - |FV| said:

    Only Drackk and kaptain are the same. Maybe they’ll play 5v5 with each of them on one side.

  4. DCS: (Head Admin) - [HA] - 46 DPM said:

    Reason: Permzilla-kaidus-kaptain-drackk-stark-hafficool
    Se7en: Raymon-alle-AMS-Silentes-thalash-puoskari

  5. ElazulTF2: (°)> said:

    If only this was advertised way more and way earlier than it has been….