Public Service Announcement: Season 22 Medals Distributed

Date March 27, 2017


Good news everyone! Clear your backpacks and phone your parents, MEDALS ARE BACK! After many hours of hard work, we have finally been able to work out a method that will properly distribute league medals. We understand this is long overdue and we would like to thank you all for your patience in this matter and apologize for the delay, but now that we have done it, we will aim to complete medal distribution in a matter of weeks after the season ends, opposed to a matter of years!

We will begin by distributing Season 22 medals, which should appear in your TF2 Item Backpack next time you launch the game. In order to receive a Season 22 medal, you must have been rostered before the roster lock date (November 7th, 2015)

If you have not received a medal and think you should have one, or you have any feedback, please contact an admin on IRC.

Edit; We couldn’t contain our own excitement and due to there being not a single wrongly distributed medal yet we’ve gone and distributed:

  • Highlander Season 9
  • Highlander Season 10 Premiership
  • Ultiduo Cup #5

When checking if you were eligible for a season make sure that you were rostered at the time of the roster lock and that your team didn’t drop from the competition!

But wait, it isnt over yet so keep your eyes peeled, one of the following evenings we’ll distribute:

  • Season 23
  • Highlander Season 10 Main Season
  • Highlander Season 10 Premiership – 4 teams

We will also contact Valve to add Season 24, Season 25 and Season 26 medals to the game, along with Highlander Season 11 and 12 medals, Highlander Open #2 and Ultiduo Cup #6. A schedule for distribution will be released in the coming weeks. For those curious about the Fresh Meat Challenge, we are in the beginning stages of organizing Medals for this competition and further updates will be provided at a later date.

Thank you for reading and we appreciate your continuing support.


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  1. STiNGHAN: inv said:


  2. Permzilla: (Legend) - LANTURTLE - WiK? said:

    I am think many people never have this medals. This medals have only very good team. Thats the first write that all participants have medal after only any team:). Only pro have this, another people ……… LOL

  3. DuMmTm: woofwoof - COGU said:

    all those people who quit tf2 in the last 2 years must be excited

  4. wand00m: 800dpm said:
    youre incredibly close to killing the game

    this was their plan all along

  5. Fire: BCBB - WCS said:

    Great work Admins!!

  6. mezzo: SMEGGIES. - SDCK said:

    nice 1 ^-^

  7. Yearosa said:


  8. Pahan: kiolox - kiti said:


  9. Jan: (League Admin) - |FV| said:

    youre incredibly close to killing the game

    this was their plan all along

    No S23 medal for you then. Noted!

  10. ElazulTF2 said:

    Love you

  11. Endreo said:

    im here for my medal thank u very much

  12. Georgebaii said:


  13. extrasolar: officer - LFC said:

    holy shit

  14. fanatikvoice said:

    Good news

  15. spddl! said:

    Holy shit finally i want my s23 open medal #NoMedalNoLife

  16. zaint: mwahl said:

    H Y P E !!

  17. Maccy: WCS said:

    HL medals? LUL :D

  18. Collaide: gatekeeper said:

    w h a t a b o u t s e a s o n 2 4

  19. MIGHTY BURGER ツ said:

  20. Cryyy said:


  21. taube: BWB said:

    Should have delayed this untill april first, missed opprotunity

  22. Vinegar Strokes: pHy said:

    Fk yeah my Open First place medal! XD

  23. damneasy said:

    I want my ultiduo winners medal!!!!!

  24. V!s said:

    damneasy, wanna swap 3rd for 1st place medals?

  25. Nate said:


  26. luminize said:

    oh cool i get my fucking open participation medal sick

  27. DAHoppin said:

    cant wait for my open medal boiss