Season 26 Powered by Tt eSPORTS Premiership Upper Bracket Final: Se7en vs Arctic Foxes

Date March 19, 2017


With an incredible display shattering nerdRage, the Foxes go on to an even bigger upset opportunity: beat UnitedKingdom Se7en and they will be the first team to win a playoff game vs them in two years. Slovakia Maros looked well-integrated in the team in their previous game, but Germany stefaaan and Germany feeling were the stars of the show, with impact, frags and damage that simply overpowered their French rivals. Can these brilliant individuals outplay the ruthless efficiency of Se7en? Or will the squad of champions prove they don’t just have the best system, but can match any firepower EU has to offer as well? This is truly a season-defining game.

Match Overview
UnitedKingdom Se7en vs European Arctic Foxes
UP Final (Premiership)
Date Sunday, March 19th 21:15 CET



4 - 2



5 - 2

UnitedKingdom Se7en [6:0] European Arctic Foxes

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