Season 26 powered by Tt eSPORTS: Premiership Week 4 – Arctic Foxes vs Se7en

Date February 16, 2017


Of all its iterations, European Se7en is the only premiership-winning team to not have featured a German in its roster (excluding Rising, but he only played for half a season) since 2012, such has been the strength of German TF2 over the years. One person who has been there throughout to enjoy all the success is Germany stefaaan, the European Arctic Foxes leader and the most experienced player prem has at this point. Joining him is Germany CYKAZ, who still doesn’t appear to have fully taken to prem yet, and Germany feeling, who most certainly has, by putting in some amazing performances so far. If he keeps up this level of consistency, he could be a contender for pocket of the season.

Up against them is the team of the season, for five seasons in a row. It would take a big performance to topple Se7en, and every week is another week closer to the season title as far as they’re concerned. Can the Foxes schock the champions out of autopilot, or will this just be another week of the season for them?

Match Overview
European Arctic Foxes vs European Se7en
Week 4 (Premiership)
Date Thursday, February 16th 21:15 CET



0 - 5



0 - 3

European Arctic Foxes [0:6] European Se7en

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