Grand Final 21 CET: Strong Opinions vs Tourettes Chessclub – Highlander Season 9 powered by

Date January 23, 2016


BlackOut TV – Sunday 24th 21:00 CET / 3:00PM US East / 7:00AM AEDT – European Tourettes Chessclub vs. European Strong Opinions

It’s that time again, ladies and gentlemen. After an epic season of 9v9 shenanigans, it all comes down to this: Spain CeeJaey and Denmark Scissors tussling head to head in a no holds barred cage match to the death. European Tourettes Chessclub have been waiting patiently in the wings throughout the playoffs, sipping from the glorious cup of the #1 seed and watching the lesser mortals scrap among themselves for the right to challenge for the title, while European Strong Opinions proved themselves the masters of payload by breezing through their semi-final match with European Highpander© way back at the start of January.

Both sides are capable of taking the title tonight, despite the public’s view on the standings. European Tourettes Chessclub have their public appearances to back up their claim to the title, double-time victors of Highlander Seasons gone by (7 & 8) defeating former opponents UnitedArabEmirates Gravelpit Graveyard and European Highpander© respectively. On the other hand, European Strong Opinions have some of their own off screen stunts with Scissors‘s team failing to match up to them during practice matches away from the weekly games. However when it came down to the official in Week 4, European Tourettes Chessclub sat back and plucked 6 points from CeeJaey‘s hands on cp_steel, the first map picked for tonight’s game. (I’ll let you decide who chose that one)

So with literally everything to play for; European Tourettes Chessclub wanting the chance to become three time champions of European Highlander, matching SouthKorea SNSD‘s record across Seasons 1, 2 & 3 while European Strong Opinions are looking to end that title for them and install themselves as victors despite this being their first Premiership season, demonstrating their skill and determination for all to see. Who win win a tidy €500 and who will walk away with the €350 and egg on their vest? Tune in at 21:00 CET / 3:00PM US East / 7:00AM AEDT on BlackOut TV with UnitedKingdom Bulow & UnitedStates sigafoo on the mics and England Jon on the camera!


European Tourettes Chessclub

Scout: Latvia atomic-
Soldier: Latvia uubers
Pyro: Denmark Scissors
Demoman: Germany quintosh
Heavy: Norway Husky
Engineer: Scotland Deox
Medic: Norway Lazybear
Sniper: Germany Solid
Spy: Sweden Khazul

European Strong Opinions

Scout: Denmark Thalash
Soldier: Austria Raptor
Pyro: European Steve!
Demoman: Sweden Korv
Heavy: UnitedKingdom EmilioEstevez
Engineer: Sweden Seal
Medic: Spain CeeJaey
Sniper: England cloudy
Spy: Denmark Toast


  1. cloudy: ! said:

    sipping from the glorious cup of the #1 seed


  2. kryma said:

    Who win win a tidy €500

  3. Atzebumm: (ETF2L Donator) said:

    Oh shit, better not give raptor any of the winning money. He’s just gonna spend it on caprisonne.

  4. Bulow: bad said:

    Finally some good casters kappa

  5. Maxi: Feeder - doge said:

    Bulow casting FailFish

  6. dewakartu said:

    hanks for sharing us a great information that is actually helpful. Good day!