Entries from November 2015

Highlander Season 9 powered by marketplace.tf Week 4: Triple Casting from BlackOut TV!

Date November 29, 2015

We’re at the halfway point everyone! Get up and start tooting that horn because cp_steel and Week 4 are upon us! At 20 CET catch  vs.  as they begin our evening with fire. Along for the ride will be ,  &  on BlackOut TV gracing you with coverage from the stars. Next up at 21 […]

DreamHack Winter LAN Invitational

Date November 26, 2015

Season 22 may be winding down to a halt, but there is still more TF2 to be had. Over in the Northern land of Sweden all manner of video gaming enthusiasts are gathering to share in their passions at DreamHack Winter. Among those gathered at this LAN are 4 top level TF2 teams. Including recent […]

Season 22 powered by saloon.tf High Playoffs Semi Finals: top5rocket vs. Ωage squad

Date November 26, 2015

After failing to grab a spot in Prem the Frenchies in have had a strong season in High, only losing a couple of maps. One of the pairs they did not lose was against . With more at stake will the Frenchies keep their composure and emerge victorious once again or will they get owned […]

Season 22 powered by saloon.tf High quarter finals: Planet Express vs. (¯`·._.·ownage squad·._.·´¯)

Date November 23, 2015

With Prem neatly tied up and stuffed away for storage we turn to the second highest tier of european TF2. The High quarter-finals. When faced off against in the regular season it ended with a map each. But there is no room for ties now. So join , and and find out which team comes […]

Season 22 powered by saloon.tf Premiership Playoffs and Grand Finals with Reason Gaming, #tf2center & Full Tilt Starting 19.00 CET

Date November 22, 2015

It’s finally come, the pinnacle of a season’s worth of TF2: The Premiership Playoffs and Grand Finals. It’s been an interesting season to say the least with many teams proving their worth while others moved closer to the sunset in desert filled with roster reshuffles. But out of all the eight teams we’ve seen three […]