Christmas VACation

Date December 18, 2014

E-Mail addresses

Recently, we’ve been making more and more use of our E-Mail system. This already includes Admin/Leader challenges and will now include any necessary moments where we need to get in contact with players (NOT just leaders). Please make sure your E-Mail address is one that you check frequently. If you want your E-Mail address changed, you can do so by contacting our Support through IRC.

Alt accounts

We, the AC staff, have been running into a lot of cases where people were reported for reasons such as having few hours logged in TF2 and already being high division. Given that reason, we are required to immediately request the player’s demos and further investigate. Recently, however, most of these cases have been turned out to be either people evading bans or people that abandoned their older accounts for various reasons.

Players’ reasons for alt accounts have mostly been: abandoning their old account because of VAC bans (not just TF2), trade bans, bans from pubs, being banned from or sold Steam accounts.  While your reason doesn’t interest us  (except if the VAC bans were recently issued for TF2), please note that alt accounts are strictly forbidden in ETF2L.

2.6 No account sharing and multi accounts

Every player is limited to only one ETF2L account at any time. A person creating multiple accounts or multiple players using one account is not allowed. Multiple players from the same household (family, close friends, roommates, …) that may be sharing the same IP address must notify admins and use seperate ETF2L and Steam accounts.
Players caught creating multiple ETF2L accounts or allowing use of their Steam account to a third party in official matches may face punishment ranging from deactivation of the account to reversal of match results and a major warning for fraud or a league ban. Each case will be reviewed individually and penalties will be assigned based on severity of the offense and its impact on the competition. If you wish to change the attached Steam ID of your ETF2L account, contact admins and they will change it for you.


Some players have been spotted with recent VAC bans affecting Team Fortress 2 and thus are now banned from ETF2L for 1 year:

The following player has been spotted with a second VAC banned account, and will also be banned for 1 year:

As these players have not been caught cheating by our staff, their match results are not affected.

The following players have been caught cheating by our Anti-Cheat team. They will be banned from ETF2L for 1 year:

The following player has not provided a requested demo for the second time in a row. They are banned from ETF2L for 2 weeks.


  1. snowdream: (Anti Cheat Staff) - gay said:

  2. Toba: (a boT from the North) - Lutunen said:

    baud again and only 1 year?

  3. RTC said:

    Sorex :[

  4. Wuba: #wubafan said:


  5. iamzhevor: cirlo said:

    baud banned again ? lol

  6. MIndYe: Lutunen - [hePPa] said:

    Baud 2nd time, who would take him on their team after the first one. Oh wait, french team, nvm.

  7. tonmas: BauS said:

    how abaud that

  8. shoras said:

    Did he get banned before? When?

  9. sidestep: (ETF2L Donator) - bobs said:

    inb4 french circlejerk turns up to defend baud

  10. Hajdzik: SUAVY said:

    One year second time is too low.

  11. Fra.ger: Skrbs said:

    Kaizer legeracy

  12. nukkye said:

    BAUD lol

  13. MIndYe: Lutunen - [hePPa] said:

  14. Joseph__ said:

    I don’t know what we’re goign to do abaud that then

  15. guz said:

    kaizer :(

  16. Askior: swimp said:

    I’m not playing TF2 anymore, but which kind of joke is it about baud? He attempted to lan in France, and carryed the same shit as he did online. Can we once, have the proof of what he did, so everyone can see what’s going on. I’ve known him for 5 years now, and played with him on different others game.

    You remember banning NiCo for some reason that appears to be false right? So give us the proof’s about baud’s ban, coz it really looks like a fierceness.

  17. Fuxx: PrettyGay - SDCS! said:


  18. Pete_: PrettyGay said:

    With what excuse is Baud going to come up now?

  19. nukkye said:

    #freebaudvol2 ? Don’t think so…

  20. Useless: TC.Noobas - Lucrosa said:

    I guess we will see him in one year again, third times the lucky charm right?

  21. Bloodis: (Head Admin) - :-) - hlpugs said:

    22:51 – Bloodis: yo, do you have mouse acceleration on?
    22:52 – Bloodis: just wondering and stuff
    22:52 – BAUD CU 2016: I have an aim assist
    22:52 – Bloodis: oh :(

  22. Henghast: open - bobs said:

    sorry abaud that.

  23. atomic- said:


  24. MARS^: (ETF2L Donator) - ist klever said:

    @askior: I think that the recent CS GO drama has proven that cheating on LAN IS possible so your point is irrelevant

  25. rockie said:

    sorex BibleThump, baud lel

  26. T0m: (ETF2L Donator) said:


  27. croix: _____iwate - VR said:

    someone is having a baud time…

  28. nijoonen: Gaston - 8-) said:

    Have we covered the baud / bad jokes now? Let’s move on to how the germans and brits dislikes the frenchies, bonus points if it’s related to WW2.

  29. YB-GOD: Haggis - VLHL said:


  30. zhs said:

    #freeBAUD :DDD

  31. Kissakala: MUUQ - bad said:


  32. Lazybear: (Anti Cheat Staff) - MUUQ - itsallgood said:

    NiCo was banned for script abuse and it lasted a week. Entirely different from cheating. Baud’s been banned from 2 completely different AC teams now, and at the first ban half the members were French. Not that this would matter at all but some of are under the false impression that it does.

  33. PuzZle: Boys - itsallgood said:


  34. sheepy dog's hand: (cute asian schoolgirl) - bad said:

    LOL might as well ban the rest of eshock (or just nico and izzy) for supporting a hacker.

  35. sheepy dog's hand: (cute asian schoolgirl) - bad said:

    but this is actually hilarious

  36. AcidPeter: Paf! 2.0 said:

    can anyone send me the demo were baud is cheating please ?

  37. Askior: swimp said:

    Well, the csgo hack is actually 800€ worth. Do you really think that anyone could afford a cheat for a simple TF2 game. What is TF2 in esport ? Nothing. m0e had an highquality customers, but never released it to public.

    What is aim assist? 15%? What does it change on tf2? Splash? You doesnt have to aim in the head in this game. Thats why i’d like for once to see the proof’s.

    Do you think that the 5 TF2 AC admins have the ability to detect it? Well, please contact Volvo/ESL/ESEA, they need to recruit them, looks like they got 5 genius right…

  38. kermit: TANK - sniper said:


  39. Admirable: (Toucan Ambassador) said:

    say it ain’t so baud :(

  40. MARS^: (ETF2L Donator) - ist klever said:

    maybe someone is pathetic enough to buy hacks for lots of money?
    even if the hack changes close to nothing, it’s still hacking and hacking is not allowed?
    you have to aim in the head as sniper :)

    you’re making youself look like a fool

  41. spudd: (´・ω・`) - bobs said:

  42. smziii: (Legendary Ratehacks) - SVIFT said:

    Askior reasoning Kreygasm

  43. sheepy dog's hand: (cute asian schoolgirl) - bad said:

    btw why is he banned for 1 year? He got banned before for a year and as soon as he came back he started playing prem again. And eshock were one of the reasons planet express didn’t make playoffs (the other reason being everyone on the team was shit apart from me) So what has happened is baud hacks, comes back and plays with a team who make top 4 prem, only to be banned after the season ends? Do the etf2l admins not understand yet that he is a cheater who can only be good with cheats. If you let him back in etf2l a year from now I bet he will just do the same thing. Why not just ban him for good? Hard working tf2 mge players like me (and nico) have put time in to the game to get good and I think its disgraceful that someone like baud is going to be allowed back into the league in only a year. I strongly consider etf2l admins to change how they do things and give repeated hackers a harsher sentence everytime they are caught (or just give baud one I don’t care but baud as we found is the type of person who will cheat again and again).

  44. smziii: (Legendary Ratehacks) - SVIFT said:

    PS: merry christmas

  45. op said:

    ahaha spudd

  46. Askior: swimp said:

    Nah i just found it a bit easy to ban someone for “aim assist”. It’s like rejected someone coz he’s black. No apparent reason, just madness that he can comeback after 1 year ban, and beeing prem.

  47. Lazybear: (Anti Cheat Staff) - MUUQ - itsallgood said:

    racist ac team!

  48. dob: \V/ Gold - CGAY&BB said:

    Banning someone for hacking = racism.
    Top quality reasoning right there.

  49. tobs: FAINT said:

    is it possible to get the suspected demos uploaded to republic?

  50. Ombrack: FAINT said:

    Pls Askior stop talking

  51. .Cali: TF2Co said:

    People that talk about the CS:GO drama are missing the point… Top CS players that got banned actually got banned because of a Vac Ban, here baud is not vac. Just want to point that without those VAC, they would still be playing. So if baud is not VAC’d how did you spotted him ? First time we were already really skeptical, and now again ? Give proof this time wtf.

  52. Alfie: (ETF2L Donator) - is dtf - bobs said:

    lol, and to think i actually thought baud was good at the game!

  53. quintosh: -tt said:


  54. WARHURYEAH: ist doof said:


  55. rytis: PrettyGay said:


  56. sheepy dog's hand: (cute asian schoolgirl) - bad said:

    also wanna post out eshock are 7th in the tables. Our goal from the start as planet express was to finish above eshock (we said this is many interviews) and as you can see we have beaten them, I can die in peace now.

  57. Dennia: FAINT said:


  58. Broda said:


  59. hr: #FreePat said:

    Fuck this one year shit repeat offenders should be banned permanently.

  60. Schalalaa: Seagulls said:

    exactly, why are we giving cheaters the chance to come back a second time?

  61. Admirable: (Toucan Ambassador) said:

    So do ESHOCK have to play HKN now? :D

  62. Munky: .Qc` - HZ said:

    Clearly baud is being picked on by a new set of AC admins. Poor guy :(

  63. Bloodyyy: (Weeaboo Nerd) - (XD ͜ʖXD) said:


  64. flushy: P.O.P said:

    get fucked Baud you idiot

  65. Pandahh: NASA - hi im dog said:

    Baud the Fraud

  66. T-Mac: Animate - DA! said:

    wow sheepy can write sentences now

  67. flushy: P.O.P said:

    1-4 with hax…

  68. KillAri said:

    I swear, it’s not me, do not flog me, pls …

  69. tobs: FAINT said:

    guys we bette ban thas guy caled epsilon larval extract hes rockets are obvilously not possiblu

  70. CHERRY said:


  71. droso: ouhlala said:

    This is a message on behalf of my whole team.

    While we will abide to the AC team’s decision, we don’t agree with their conclusion.It has been shown numerous times that banning someone from in-eyes demos is highly subjective and often leads to mistakes (beavern, nico’s cases come to mind).

    None of our members think baud has ever cheated and we reckon he performed just as well at lan as he does online. That’s why we decided that we will stick by our team mate and will keep playing with him in the future, even if it means skipping the biggest European league for a year.We will also attend Gamers Assembly and i55 with Baud as we planned from the very beginning of last season.

    If some prem teams felt like they didn’t want to play against us anymore, we’d understand their decision but we will NOT take part in some pointless discussion about our decision to play with Baud.This is the last post you’ll see from us on the matter.

  72. Rex said:

    Getting baud of all of these cheaters

  73. sheepy dog's hand: (cute asian schoolgirl) - bad said:

    are you serious droso? like I always knew you and eshock were slightly retarded but I just though that was cause you were french. But this is incredible I don’t think I have ever seen anything like this.

    “That’s why we decided that we will stick by our team mate and will keep playing with him in the future, even if it means skipping the biggest European league for a year.We will also attend Gamers Assembly and i55 with Baud as we planned from the very beginning of last season.”

    Please tell me you are joking.

  74. moursi: (Big Poppa) - open - bobs said:


  75. Rex said:

    The good, the baud and the ugly?

  76. Hysteria: NASA said:

    Anyone getting baud of this?

  77. Marvin: said:

    Baudelaire more like baudlater

  78. vøid said:

    “aim assist” literally means we think he cheat but can’t prove it so yoloswag

    it’s so 2016 , etf2l AC team ahead of its time.
    Like such advanced hack exists in a retarded game with no cashprize like tf2


  79. Admirable: (Toucan Ambassador) said:

    I only trust VAC bans!


  80. Russian Guyovich: (Surging Meat Cable) - [T-A!]LoS said:

    French rofl brigade appears

  81. gf18_idiot: Top5rocket said:


  82. Bona: PMW said:

    How ETF2L bans work.

    Multihack,triggerbot, aimbot or being good but you’re french/russian: 1 year
    a DOS attempt: 5 years

  83. Starkie: 7 - sniper said:


  84. Rex said:

    What will he spend his time doing now? Playing bauderlands? LOOOOOOOOOOL

  85. Marmite: 9 ☆ said:


  86. Bona: PMW said:

    Yes, he will begin his adventure at the Arid Baudlands

  87. Doui: \' NC - CnS said:

    Plz notice that Baud and Droso are both Belgian.

  88. Swift: ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° - Poo said:

    rofl baud again. HAHA

  89. Rex said:


  90. Hallow: KKK - P.O.P said:

    Hello admins ETF2L , I spoke with baud and he promised that he would not cheat . It is very sad ! It cheatait there a year but he stopped . He understood the lesson ! Droso will bring a bat baseballe to lan.

    vive la révolution, vive la France !

  91. Rex said:

  92. vøid said:

    I head baud is actually a call of duty: modern warfare player and play tf2 with an xbox controller, that’s why he ticked the aim assist option in the tf2 options

  93. lgl said:

    onevirus has alt account btw :)

  94. ondkaja: FAINT said:

    lgl: Please go to and type !acrequest if you want to share something.

  95. smartfr18 said:

    sheepy u should be ac admin u look like a good dick sucker

  96. Askior: swimp said:

    !acrequest Where can we found proofs about baud’s ban. I want to see from my own eyes how 5 people with 2 randoms (coz apparently quintosh is an Anakin like) can detect what 3 organizations(ESEA, Valve, and ESL) have really hard time to find, with InEyes/stv only :)

  97. Lazybear: (Anti Cheat Staff) - MUUQ - itsallgood said:

    The last tf2 player that was banned in ESEA for cheating was in April 2012. If Valve and VAC was perfect there would be no need to have an AC team at all. Also i’d like to point out how invested the current VAC team is in cleaning up cs:go compared to tf2, it’s literally night and day.

  98. Gubbins: doggo - hi im dog said:

    Haha hahahahahh ahah hahahah hah aa hhahahahahha ahhahaha HAHAAHHHAHAHHABHASWJSN BAST:IJKLNO?ASDGT:[email protected] DGS<MASDRTHIJKLUN SEGRTY

  99. Josh: LEGO - LEGO said:

    admirable ya norethern fuckhead anyytim twat i waill bombs the sjite oujt o f you before ya ever nsee it coming ha donkrhy prick

  100. kermit: TANK - sniper said:


  101. 4star: DABZ - GvG said:


  102. alba: FAINT said:


  103. Mista said:

    fuck quintosh he’s a random

    also askior pourrais tu fermer ta gueule ?

  104. Nuck: TIDS - TSGHUH said:

    Laughing hard at all the french fanboys being mad, as usually. Realise it frogs, this guy has been caught TWICE now by two different admin teams, what else is there to say?

    Btw, totally offtopic, can someone write a simple script that checks the opponents nationality when joining a competitve gameset and automatically reports a cheating suspicion via their Steam profile if they are from a specific country? Would be great if it worked in CS:GO as well.

  105. Mould: geezer said:

    ye nice to see germans are still 100% protected :))))

  106. doks said:

    Ban a player from any other country and people will laugh their asses off and never play with that guy again. [unless retards] Ban a frenchie/belgian and shit hits the fan.

  107. firej said:


  108. spammyh: brew said:

    AC team banned baud twice without showing or telling us anything
    i’d like to see what “aim assist” he’s using that even VAC cant see
    gg admin roster

  109. firej said:

    But you know AC members dont show what they do so the hackers cant directly avoid doing these things ?

  110. Bery: Seizs - LoL said:

    demos pls!

  111. adysky: 7 - S-O said:

    noob_down vol. 2

  112. tavi: is dtf - hi im dog said:


  113. vani said:

  114. Muuki: bin - bad said:

    helo team admin of etff2l:
    pleas show proves of onevirus cheat, i know him for 10 year and he good player always

    #corruptleague #noproves

  115. smziii: (Legendary Ratehacks) - SVIFT said:

    i am so happy that i am german so i can wh another season with 0 fear of getting bannered

    thanks german admins for protection

  116. Lazybear: (Anti Cheat Staff) - MUUQ - itsallgood said:

    in b4 everyone contacts admins to switch to german flags

  117. Setlet said:

    Nobody believed me when I said baud is most likely still hacking :(

  118. Blinky said:

    hackusation is reel

  119. jx53 said:

    Why the fuck is baud banned? He fucking wrecks ass. What would he need cheats for? Hitting airshots?

  120. jx53 said:

    Also can someone post what got baud banned or is it private information? I’m curious

  121. ash: (Legend) said:

    Etf2l doesn’t publish any demos or whatsoever that led to someone’s ban.

  122. fraac: JOHN - CENATION said:


    Comparing to ESEA bothers me. ESEA have no tf2 anti-cheat. I can only imagine how blatant the guy in 2012 was. ESEA have half a tf2 community entirely deluded about how many cheats there are.

  123. Pistolvania said:

    Hallow deserves a fucking trophy hahaha

  124. konr: idd. said:

    This is fantastic

  125. fraac: JOHN - CENATION said:

    This is my favourite comment, from Cali:

    “Just want to point that without those VAC, they would still be playing. So if baud is not VAC’d how did you spotted him ? First time we were already really skeptical, and now again ?”

    Yes, with each ban the scepticism is really mounting.

  126. Scorpion said:

    haters gona hate, im sad about baud :3 he is not hacking its not true

  127. easyGame said:

    When there is legitimate proof for Baud cheating, why is he only banned for 1 year? He is a repeater. So will you ban him next year again when his ban is expired and you “caught” him again?. One could think that there is no 100% legitimate proof and you only act on suspicion then.

    also [email protected] comparing CS/ESEA anticheat with AC admins here. It seems some ppl really live in a phantasy world where TF2 is a growing professional e-sport.

  128. zhs said:

  129. Peign slays dragons: snapeandjaptorc said:

    Lol, who cares if bauds team will not play in a league for a year. That kind of threat is a fucking joke. Noone cares if there’s -1 team in a competetive scene that is so irrelevant.

    And also thanks to easygame who is right. It’ll be just like that:

    2013: baud banned
    2014: baud free and hackin’
    2015: baud banned
    2016: baud free and hackin’

    And last but not least: just because you know someone, call him a friend or admire him because he’s good at the game doesn’t prove he’s innocent. This guy’s not a saint as his past proves.

  130. T0m: (ETF2L Donator) said:


  131. b_fisch said:


  132. firej said:

    “One could think that there is no 100% legitimate proof and you only act on suspicion then.”


    I dont get that one :(

  133. CRIKI..: DABZ said:


  134. b33p: (ETF2L Donator) - -st- said:

    Presumably, if you go to baud’s matches, the demos they worked off will be uploaded throughout the season, for anyone curious.

  135. NiCO god's hand: TLR said:

    trash admin, all of you are piece of shit

  136. Padow: d! said:

    Well I’m really mad about those bans, I don’t see azNMax’s ban
    Why azNMax isn’t ban yet?


  137. azNMax said:

    parce que t’es un fdp

  138. Minishoes: TC said:

    why cant u prove the ban ? Anti cheat admin isnt fbi or cia thing like that
    Just a bunch of retard doing circle jerk ” gngnagna we wont prove it cause we are etf2l and gngnangnang”
    You guys are garbage

  139. kronis: NASA - hi im dog said:

    And I actually read every single comment.

  140. rytis: PrettyGay said:

    ah I love the salt of the frenchies, always hilarious to read

  141. Caeli: #T4F said:

    +1 Minishoes

  142. CHERRY said:

    “why cant u prove the ban ? Anti cheat admin isnt fbi or cia thing like that
    Just a bunch of retard doing circle jerk ” gngnagna we wont prove it cause we are etf2l and gngnangnang”
    You guys are garbage”
    Or maybe they don’t want to show their methods?
    It’s the same reason VALVe doesn’t “prove” bans

  143. shoras said:

    Why I see Nico cursing people everywhere all time?

  144. Minishoes: TC said:

    They dont want to show how they found it so ppl will not find how this highly qualified AC dick suckers found what valve cant find woaw i’m impressed
    gg 10/10

  145. Swift: ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° - Poo said:

    inb4 nico next ban post

  146. KillAri said:

    They should recruit the whole Chinese people to check every demo of valve game ,just for the recent games. They are so bad omg. i don’t know why they still use VAC.
    A bot is still a bot, you can’t expect it to ban most of cheats btw.

    I want to see proof aswell omg, you trash circlejerk progerman ac team.

  147. Asaaj said:

    Kriecht in eurer loch zurück

  148. fkp said:

    “This is the last post you’ll see from us on the matter.

    And after that, Nico called someone “piece of shit”…NO FAITH IN E-SCHOCK TEAM

  149. Aephage said:

    free azn

  150. Freddy said:

    clearly racism against France. Check your privileges

  151. zhs said:

    If you cheat it’s only a matter of years till VAC get updated :). You’ve never seen somebody cheating on vac secured server ?

  152. ducky said:

    ETF2L is very tolerant when it comes to newspost comments and forum posts.

    You can say almost anything, criticize the league , our decisions and staff , hell, even our personality and/or looks if you want to.

    Whether your feedback is based off of proven facts and objective observations or just wild assumptions and blind hatemongering doesn’t really matter to us.

    We leave it up to the users to use their brains, prove that they’re intellectual individuals who’re able to distinguish between a reasonable claim and mindless bitching.

    However,what we don’t tolerate is the use of abusive chat and improper language.

    That being said, from now on anyone who feels the need to ignore our chat related posting rules will be rewarded with an instantaneous 1 week forum/comment ban , even more if it’s a repeated offense.

    This isn’t your local bar and we are not a daycare.
    Learn some manners or face the consequences.

  153. firej said:

    ducky doin work

  154. Square said:

    madonna baud non ti conosco ma porco dio se citti!

  155. Joshi said:

  156. sheepy dog's hand: (cute asian schoolgirl) - bad said:

    ducky u should be ac admin u look like a good dick sucker

  157. Bulle: Epsilon - LEGO said:

    Suck my dick perm

  158. hyre said:

  159. Tuto: TCM - 8-) said:

    Hahaha sheepy

    also #free#azNMax

  160. Raptor: BTWFC - S-O said: &nbsp;;
    Thanks for the Entertainment :D

  161. azNMax said:


  162. WARHURYEAH: ist doof said:

    suck bulles dick perm

  163. T0m: (ETF2L Donator) said:

    oh minishoes you make me laugh

  164. irfx: EPA - kiti said:

    > I have played with this guy since {insert random date}!
    > He is my friend, he can’t cheat!
    > He carried @ LAN, no cheats wtf!!!

    Excuses… Excuses never change, try to be original another time.

  165. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    Someone please make a bullshit bingo card

  166. vøid said:

    irfx story time:

    > be middle age
    > Priest says X is a witch
    > Entire village be like : omg i always knew it.
    > X can’t say anything cause he’s the devil so he’s obviously lying
    > Entire village be like : Lel, burn the witch pls
    > X burns
    > turns out priest don’t know shit but thinks he’s inspired by god and is on a mission

    hopefully a few hundreds years later we’re no longer living in such a retarded world, the end.

    My favorite tale, hope you liked it, dont forget to click the share button and subscribe.

  167. Vitilumi: tbd said:

    Who’s excited for Christmas, guys?

  168. Lazybear: (Anti Cheat Staff) - MUUQ - itsallgood said:

    Did the witch come back after a year?

  169. Meeto said:

    Why is the French community so toxic.

  170. Bloodyyy: (Weeaboo Nerd) - (XD ͜ʖXD) said:

    nooo sheepy.

  171. Bathory said:

    Stop thinking every french community support baud, thanks.

  172. Kemor: ; said:

    Fucking rekt again browsing etf2l from time to time pays off.

  173. Kemor: ; said:

    Also you just gotta love the logic of the whiteflaggers – a group of skilled, very experienced players is watching and analising a suspicious demo, they all agree the guy deserves vacation – nope, gotta baguette.

  174. Hippo said:

    Kaizer……. I KNEW IT!!! :D

  175. Turbo: sniper said:

    Idiot down

  176. Hajdzik: SUAVY said:

    I love that comparison, killing someone and banning from video game league. Get a life.

  177. .Constantine: (ETF2L Tomator) - (ノಠOಠ)ノ - Dr. med. said:

    Plot twist, he’s Banned from life cuz he’s a witch

  178. Aephage said:

    WTS Everlasting Kuunavang Tonic 50 ecto, pm me for more info

  179. Pognon: DA! said:

    some poor analysis over here. For instance, “i’m his friend i know for sure he’s not a cheater” is not a great one, i agree. But keep in mind that, if most of the whiteflaggers are frenchs, it’s because the french community is used to play a lot together, so, it’s mostly because they’re lan, team or mixes partners that they think baud is legit.

    According to what i just said, there’s an other poor analysis over here : “They’re defending baud because they’re frenchs” or “they’re douchebags because they’re frenchs”. I do know our reputation is not great around europa, and may did we deserve it. But please, read the 177 comments to this news. Wow mates – the way you trust we’re all acting the same because of our nationality, and/or some of us think baud is legit because of our nationality, is not much smarter than what most of the frenchies said about baud case. In fact, its even worst.

    May could we keep this debate at a decent level, arguing about something else than nationalities ; i do like to joke, and i can understand some “he’s french” jokes are funs. Still, there should be some boundaries – we all have our owns. According to mines, you crossed them and some of you are not funny anymore, some comments are just full of hate and stupidity.

    I’m not asking for admin moderation ofc, i’m asking each of you to moderate your comments by yourselves, at least a bit, to be more funny than offensive if i’ts possible. please ? ^___^

  180. Pognon: DA! said:

    (ah and, sorry for my english, i’m french)

  181. Padow: d! said:

    Stop thinking every french community support baud, thanks.

    Nope, I just don’t care.