AVerMedia MGE Monthly Cup: Soldier – Monthly Final April Tonight

Date April 23, 2013

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With the conclusion of both qualifying brackets, 8 players have risen to the top and qualified for the Monthly Final!

The qualifiers from Bracket #1 are:

  • Netherlands MightyMe
  • Croatia Croogah
  • Sweden Zebbosai
  • Wales Mike

The qualifiers from Bracket #2 are:

  • Russia empty
  • Germany avenue
  • Germany Fischkopf
  • Sweden TviQ

All 8 qualifying players have automatically been added to the competition. If you cannot play, please let an admin know as soon as possible!

The bracket has been drawn and is now live!

Monthly Final Bracket

Sweden TviQ will also stream his point of view. Tune in below!

Watch live video from tvique on www.twitch.tv

Prizes, Schedule and Rules

Don’t forget you are fighting for

1x AVerMedia Live Gamer HD C985

Additionally and as usual, pixel trophies will also be handed out to the top 3 finishers of the monthly final. Every top 4 qualifier will also get a golden trophy for his bracket, no matter if they participate in the monthly final or not.

Reminder of the rules:

  • Single elimination knockout tournament
  • Only players who finished in a top 4 position in one of the two previous qualifiers get direct entry to this cup
  • Players who finished within the top 8 of their qualifier bracket, but not the top 4, have qualified to join a waiting list for the overall top 8 monthly final.If a top 4 player does not sign up, the first player on the waiting list will be allowed entry. This continues until the bracket is filled with 8 players. Please remember that the reserve placements are on a first come first serve basis!
  • The matches are Bo5
  • For all matches that require more than one map, the 1st map is set and then it is loser’s choice from the rest of the available map pool. No map can be played twice in the same round!

The Monthly Final schedule:

  • 18:00 CET Wednesday – Reserve signups closed
  • 19:30 CET Wednesday – Brackets Posted
  • 20:00 CET Wednesday – Ro8 Starts – First map: Viaduct Middle
  • 21:00 CET Wednesday – Ro4 Starts – First map: Gullywash Middle
  • 22:00 CET Wednesday – Final & Consolation Final – First map: Badlands Spire


  1. Admirable: (Toucan Ambassador) said:

    I believe in you, Kevyn!

  2. AnimaL said:

    ZEBB can do iiit!

  3. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    gotta be MGE Mike

  4. quintosh: T9! said:

    avenue gogogo

  5. Mike: TEZC said:

    Any chance of delaying games to after 21:15cet..? :D

  6. Maniac said:

    If you started prompty, you could quite easily (imo) finish the first 2 bo5s in the 45minutes between 21:15 and the final (it could run over a bit)

    This is, of course, assuming your first round opponent agrees. (Brackets will be up tomorrow evening)

    So official line – we will not change any of the scheduled times. However if you agree with your opponents when you are going to play, and have finished the first 2 rounds by 22 CET, that is fine with me. The opponents have the right to decline this however.

  7. Kaneco said:

    Cast of this? :D

  8. Maniac said:

    Anyone is welcome to cast this, let me know and i’ll put the stream in tomorrows newspost

  9. Toba: (a boT from the North) - Lutunen said:

    empty will take this!

  10. stefaaan: ist doof said:

    Go Mike. Go Mike. Destroy them!

  11. Juracule said:

    Avenue win 1st place or I kik u >:(

  12. Mike: TEZC said:

    ees ok maniac epsi aren’t playing tonight ^^

  13. Maniac said:

    Okay :3

    Removed the line about “badlands middle (other classes)” it was causing confusion.