Season 14 powered by Twitch: Crack Clan vs Quarantine

Date March 5, 2013


ETF2L Season 14 powered by Twitch: Crack Clan vs Quarantine

So here we are, one of the last Premiership matches is about to happen and for both of the teams winning and losing might bear entirely different consequences. For Germany Crack Clan it’s a matter of sitting next to European Epsilon eSports in the table and thus having to play only one match in order to secure their chance at winning the season. Europe Quarantine on the other hand will either be able to sleep tight tonight or anxiously await the relegation playoffs. They are fully aware of their situation and as such nobody expects them to give up without a fight. Will they manage to pull off the ever so awaited upset or is Crack Clan going to roll them over and secure their forever-second position?

Match Overview
European Team Infused vs European Quarantine
Week 7 (Premier Division)
Date Tuesday, March 5th 21:15 CET



5 - 3



3 - 2

European Team Infused [6:0] European Quarantine

If you are eager to see this game casted, we’ve got you covered. England Byte and Netherlands Pledge will commentate the game for your entertainment at VanillaTV, while “on the other side of the pond”, TeamFortressTV with England Greg and Sweden Zebbosai behind the mics will do their best to provide you with high quality casting as well! Both games are starting at 21:15CET, don’t forget to tune in!

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