Season 14 powered by Twitch Reminders & Season 15 Treats, including Club 3D sponsorship

Date March 2, 2013

Season 14 powered by Twitch Reminders

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The last official play week of the running season is starting this Sunday. The veterans among you know what that means – the rosters of all teams participating in Season 14 powered by Twitch will be locked. Please make sure to add any new players and backup players that you want to use during the last week or in the playoffs and tie breaker matches until tonight at 23.59 CET or they will count as mercs and you will have to seek approval from your opponents to use them in your remaining matches.

Some of you may now say “Wait, did you not lock the use of wildcards as well for the last week?” and indeed we did – with strong emphasis on the use of past tense. As of this season and as announced at the start of the season, you are allowed to use wildcards in week 7 until Thursday, March 7 at 23.59 CET. Any wildcarded matches without a schedule will receive a default date on Friday, March 8, no matter if the wildcard was used the day before or if it is a more than once wildcarded match from the previous play weeks. The catch up week is supposed to be only for wildcarded matches. However, if a match is scheduled for the catch up week, we will not nullify it immediately but only apply a minor warning (major warning for matches in the Premiership Division) for each team after the match deadline. All matches without result will be nullified 24 hours after the catch up week ends, on Monday, March 18 at 00.01 CET.

Season 15 Treats: Club 3D Sponsorship and Provisional Schedule

We know you are all fired up for Season 15, although the winner of the running season has not even been decided yet. That is why we have an exciting announcement! For Season 15, Club 3D, European market leader of total solutions for graphics cards, will sponsor prizes for the Premiership Division winner. To celebrate our new partnership, ETF2L will give out one Club 3D graphics card in a community contest during the Season 14 powered by Twitch playoffs. More information on both topics will follow at a later date. In the meantime, please browse the Club 3D product range and check out their Facebook page.

The Season 15 signups will open shortly after the Season 14 powered by Twitch Grand Final. All newly formed teams or teams that want to jump a division are advised to start collecting screenshots to prove they can play at the level they are planning to apply for. The same is recommended to teams that end up last in their division but are not sitting on a demotion spot due to dropouts. We reserve the right to demote the affected teams anyway, if their record show only few map wins and they provide no evidence that they are able to compete again in their division.

The provisional Season 15 schedule is as follows:

  • Signups: April 15 – 26
  • Main Season: May 5 – June 22 (7 weeks)
  • Playoffs: June 30 – July 20


  1. Dingo: Godz - cirlo said:

    Isn’t the catch-up week ending on March 16?

  2. lexs: BeachBoys - vier said:

    ooooooh yeah Club3D sponsorship!

  3. Kaneco said:

    Great stuff! :D

    Thanks to Club 3D for helping the TF2 Community, liked their fb page and passed the word :D

  4. huhystah said:


  5. Kaneco said:

    ? o.O

  6. CanFo: (Legend) - [HA] - #T4F said:

    Dingo: Yes, you are correct. My bad.

  7. CUBE: elem.v - SNSD-jjang ♥ said:

    Great news, show your support TF2 fans:

    Like their wall and post a thank you:

  8. Blinky said:


  9. maidos: 000 said:

    posted a thank you to them at facebook :)

  10. basshead: mid said:

    Season 15 is over exam season :(
    but still, gl to those playing !

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