Season 14 powered by Twitch: Epsilon eSports vs Pokeman

Date February 17, 2013


ETF2L Season 14 powered by Twitch: Epsilon eSports vs Pokeman

Let’s not kid ourselves, Europe Epsilon eSports are undeniably the strongest team around these parts. Their run for glory is yet to be disrupted this season and many believe they won’t drop a map in the next three matches they have yet to play. One of them, against Europe Pokeman, is going to happen tonight. Portugal Coinz and the crew have managed to show some decent results previously, we have yet to see if they can steal some points from their opponents this time. Hopefully we will get to watch an interesting clash tonight.

[Map 1 cp_gullywash_final1]

[Map 2 cp_process_rc2]

Match Overview
European Epsilon eSports vs European Pokeman
Week 4 (Premier Division)
Date Sunday, February 17th 21:15 CET



5 - 0



5 - 1

European Epsilon eSports [6:0] European Pokeman

VanillaTV will be covering the game tonight – tune in to their stream at 21:15CET, your hosts for tonight will be Netherlands Pledge and England Skully!

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  1. wpminnows: myx - [PG] said:

    i enjoyed that far more than any other match, ty for casting