Entries from December 2012

Season 14 Schedule, Maps and Unlocks

Date December 27, 2012

Season 14 is almost upon us, and as a late Christmas present we’ve decided to announce some details early: the Season Schedule, the Map Pool, and more importantly, the Unlocks. We are also happy to announce that Twitch will support Season 14 as the main sponsor! Season Schedule Signups: January 2 – 9 Seeding: January […]

Highlander Season 3 Playoffs and Tiebreakers!

Date December 17, 2012

For the vast majority of Highlander Season 3 participants the dice have been cast and positions are final, but for a select few high-achievers, there is still the last leg of the race to run. For the first time ever, the best highlander team will be decided by playoffs between the top 3 placing teams […]

Season 13 awards!

Date December 17, 2012

Season 13 awards! It our pleasure to announce that the voting for the ETF2L season 13 awards is over and the winners are ready to be revealed. So without much further ado: Upcoming Talent of the Season: Aephage Admin of the Season:  CanFo Community of the Season: Crack Clan People’s Choice Award: Comedian Fairplay Award: […]

Highlander Season 3 Result Deadline Reminder

Date December 16, 2012

Season 3 Result Deadline A quick reminder to any teams with remaining unplayed matches: the deadline for Highlander Season 3 main season match results is tonight, 23:59 CET. Any matches without submitted results will be set to zero points and may not be replayed. Make sure you wrap-up any leftover matches before the deadline!

Season 13 award polls

Date December 10, 2012

Season 13 award polls The ETF2L Season 13 awards nominations are now officially over and the polling has begun. Whether the names below deserve to be here or not is inconsequential; they were placed here by you, and its only fair that you get to vote for them. Citizens of ETF2L, exercise your admin-given right […]