Entries from September 2012

Experimental HL Cup #3 Reminders

Date September 27, 2012

General Reminders and Brackets The Experimental HL Cup #3 starts tonight and signups are closed! The brackets can be found here… High Bracket Low Bracket If you did not make it into the brackets but still wish to play then please idle in #etf2l @ quakenet, when the cup is due to begin, as you […]

Season 13: Premiership Interviews #3 Captainhax

Date September 26, 2012

Interview Transcript Admirable: Salut mes amis! This is Admirable welcoming you to the third instalment of ETF2L’s Season 13 Interview series where we attempt to extract some insight from the Premier Divisions finest minds.  Today we bring you the Gallic genius of Punchline’s soldier mastermind, Captainhax. Say hello to your fans, Pierre! Captainhax: Hi everyone! […]

Experimental Highlander Cup #3

Date September 24, 2012

OVERVIEW It’s that time of the year again for ETF2L to step into untested waters and experiment with new or untried maps for our league. We hope during this tournament not to crash into any icebergs or navigate through a rough sea of bugs, bad design and unexciting gameplay. Rather we hope to give everyone […]

ETF2L Season 13 Demoman Rollout Video

Date September 22, 2012

For the neverending fight for the middle point it is crucial for a Demoman to be there first. Preferably even before the enemy Demoman! So to all the newcomers, and even the veteran Demomen, here you might learn a thing or two about how to decide that little fight at the beginning of each round […]

Season 13: Premiership Match on Thursday, September 20

Date September 20, 2012

Season 13 powered by Tt eSPORTS: BFF vs. Epsilon eSports Tonight, 2 Premiership week 1 matches take place, both at the same time. At 21.15 CEST  BFF plays  Epsilon eSports and it will be interesting to see how these newly formed/reformed teams compete in their first official of the season for their share of €2,500 and […]