Mixup Match Map 2, One Night Cup: cp_toxic winners, 6v6 NC Schedule Reminder, HL NC Quarter Finals

Date July 28, 2012

One Night Cup: cp_toxic Winners

Our last One Night Cup became a great success we did not only start earlier but also manage to play all games within given time deadline. Many thanks to all participants. Here are the winners, congratulations:

Higher Bracket

1. European dafuq
2. England 9 men
3. Latvia Not Only Rockets Love You
3. Finland ScS Gaming.fi

Lower Bracket

2. European The Manissons
3. Italy ReLoaded
3. Scandinavia Road Signs

Many thanks to UK DarkSlayer for creating such a good map for yesterday’s  cup.  It was an enjoyable adventure. Feel free to give some feedback for the map creator here.

6v6 Nations Cup Schedule Reminder

Every week 3 game from the 6v6 Nations Cup Group Stage which isn’t scheduled by Sunday, July 29, will be given a default date on the primary default day of each respective group (if there is a schedule on that day, secondary default day will be used).

Highlander Nations Cup Quarter Finals

The Highlander Nations Cup is down to 8 teams and has entered Quarter Finals, the maps being Lakeside and Converge with Pro_Viaduct as the decider. The deadline for the Quarter Finals week is Tuesday, July 31(included).

Team Fortress 2 Charity Showmatch – Map 2: Lakeside

As we have mentioned before TF2 Mix-up hosted their fourth Charity Showmatch and now we have a VOD from their second map, which was koth_lakeside. The showmatch featured internet celebrities, developers and TF2 pros, and raised a total of $9,664 for the Child’s Play charity!

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