Entries from March 2012

One Night Cup: Saffron Unlocks & Reminders

Date March 31, 2012

One Night Cup: Saffron Unlocks On Thursday, April 5 at 20:00 CEST it is again time for our monthly one night cup! This time we will allow some unlocks to play with. Similarly to the past events it is also possible to enter this cup using a Fun Team which can be setup in the […]

Banner Poll Results, Reddit Round Robin and other things

Date March 26, 2012

We have closed the public poll section of the Tt eSPORTS Banner contest. We are very grateful for the feedback you have given us, it will be very helpful in deciding the overall winner of the contest and the Shock One headset Tt eSPORTS have offered as a prize! In total, 533 voters made 902 […]

Highlander Week 1 Reminders and Config Update

Date March 24, 2012

As some of you may have noticed this week, the Highlander Season 2 tables are now final and teams have started to schedule their week 1 matches. Remember week 1 doesn’t officially start until Sunday, March 25, but of course we allow teams to play early. We would like to remind players that the week […]

Original, Playoffs, Banner Contest

Date March 18, 2012

Let’s get the most important issue in the history of competitive TF2 out of the way first: Yes, the Original will be allowed in Season 12. Also, Valve listened to a combined call of the largest communities in Europe, North America and Oceania and finally created a subforum for competitive Team Fortress 2 in the […]

Highlander Preliminary Divisions, Reminders, Staff Changes

Date March 16, 2012

Highlander Season 2 Tables As some you may already know, we have published the preliminary tables for Season 2 here. These tables are NOT final, so teams still have the opportunity to request to change divisions by asking for an admin in our IRC channel (#etf2l @ quakenet.org). The deadline for requesting a division change […]