Entries from December 2011

Season 10 Wrap-up and Award Nominations

Date December 29, 2011

In an amazing Grand Final on December 15th, we saw  Epsilon eSports winning the ETF2L Premiership and bringing a spectacular close to the 10th ETF2L season. Securing the still prestigious 2nd and 3rd place, are newcomers to premiership,  Infused.Tt and  Crack Clan. Our congratulations to them, and all other season 10 winners. The season has been added to the Hall of Fame and all […]

Season 10 Premier Division Final, Highlander Match Deadline, Merry Smissmas!

Date December 15, 2011

Season 10 Final!

Season 10 Premiership Playoffs: Epsilon vs Crack Clan

Date December 13, 2011

Season 10 Premiership Playoffs: Relic vs Epsilon

Date December 4, 2011


Date December 3, 2011

Config There have been a few updates to our config. Download it here. Changes: Disallowed using TF2’s server voting system Allowed a broader range of interpolation ratios (from 0 to 5) Allowed a broader range of rate values (from 30000 to 100000) Shortened player timeouts to avoid issues where players can’t rejoin Smaller cap on […]