Entries from July 2011

Some Cup Reminders (again no Bans)

Date July 31, 2011

Excello Bigfoot TF2 Challenge II  SonnyBlack left us with the following piece of information on the Excello Bigfoot TF2 Challenge II. With the start of the Bigfoot TF2 Challenge II coming closer and closer, we decided to include 2 more teams to be added to the list of teams for the Invite Cup, those being  […]

The Free2Play Invite Tournament and More

Date July 27, 2011

The event is going live now,  head over to www.vanillatv.org to follow the action! The final event, taking place tonight (Thursday the 28th), is the Free-2-Play Invitational Tournament! Four top teams from other known competitive games will battle it out on cp_badlands in an action-packed one-night tournament, with all teams playing each other once to decide which team can handle […]

Excello Bigfoot TF2 Challenge II – Open and Invite

Date July 20, 2011

Tonight the first ever Excello Team Fortress 2 Tournament, the Bigfoot TF2 Challenge, will come to an end. The finns from SG-1 (former Power Gaming) and the European all-star team Epsilon e-Sports will meet at 21:15 CEST on the maps cp_badlands and cp_granary (decider map: cp_gravelpit) to determine who will get six Bigfoot Killer 2100 […]

Announcing the 5v5 Cup! Plus updates

Date July 19, 2011

5v5 Cup edit: Our plans to make some improvements to the team types (hopefully reducing clutter at profiles) conflicted with the early signups. Apologies for the miscommunication. Read below for juicy updates! It’s time for the awesome annual summer fun cup. This year the flavour will be 5v5 classlimit 1, a format that is certainly […]

Ultiduo Schedule & Possible Vacancies

Date July 17, 2011

BRACKET UPDATE: Cup’s starting, no spare slots Tomorrow (Sunday) we will have the second attempt to play day one of ultiduo cup #7, with the very first 4 rounds being played (in theory that is) . They will be on the same timetable as last week: Round 1: 20:00 – 20:40 CEST Round 2: 20:40 – 21:20 […]