Summer 2010 Season Announcement

Date May 28, 2010

Welcome to the summer league 2010 announcement post! In this announcement you will find all of the information for the 2010 Summer League, including the sign-up dates and some cool new features.

ETF2L AFS Season 2010

The ETF2L AFS Season 2010 will be sorted into divisions of 8 teams, with each team playing 7 matches. The number of teams in each divisional level will be as follows:

Division 1 – 8 teams
Division 2 – 16 teams
Division 3 – 32 teams
Division 4 – 48 teams
Division 5 – 80 teams
Division 6 – 96 teams

Total – 280 teams


Signups open on Sunday 30th May at 20CET.

The signups for AFS 2010 will be first come, first served. In case anyone doesn’t understand what this means – the first 280 teams that signup for the league, will be entered into the league. Additional teams will be added to a waiting list and they will replace any teams that drop between week 1 and week 3. This being said, we reserve the right to add a team in from the waiting list should there be a spot in a high division and only low teams to fill it – but this will only occur in a very extreme case.

The most important things for teams to remember is to have a team leader or team deputy available at 20CET on Sunday 30th May, to ensure that you sign-up as soon as you can.


Being a Summer League, we’ll be using a majority of the well-known and well-loved maps. We’re also looking to test out a couple of new ideas and see how they work out in league play. The current map pool for AFS 2010 is:

  • cp_badlands
  • cp_granary
  • cp_freight_final1 (new freight)
  • cp_gullywash
  • cp_obscure_rc5 (or final – whichever is newest at league start)
  • cp_gravelpit
  • cp_coldfront_rc3

There is one completely new map to ETF2L’s league play which will be cp_coldfront. The maps aren’t finalised yet and are still being tweaked, so the above list is subject to change.

The maps will be played twice each, with a pair of fixed maps being played each game week. The fixed maplist will follow in a later news post.

New Points System

The AFS 2010 will feature the introduction of our new points system which has been designed to make games a little more exciting and promote attacking play. It is also intended to eliminate the issue with 1-1 draws on AvD maps. Some of you may even have noticed the new feature running in the MNM cups since MNM #1.

“So what’s the new points system all about?!?” we hear you cry. Every league map in ETF2L can no longer finish in a draw.

If a map finishes in a draw, a golden cap period will be played to decide the winner of the map. If no winner is found in the golden cap period (which will be either 5 or 10 minutes – we’re still clarifying this), the winner will be the team that holds cp3 at the end of the time period.

The points for a map result have been changed to the following:

  • Map Win – 3 points
  • Map Loss – 0 points
  • Golden Cap Win – 2 points
  • Golden Cap Loss – 1 point

You can see that if your team loses a Golden Cap, you will still get the usual 1 point for a map draw that you would have received under previous rules. If your team was to win the Golden Cap round, you now have a bonus point added to your total in the league.

With regards to Gravelpit, it will now be played in a best of 3 format. So the result of the map can only be: 2-0 or 2-1. We do realise that this has the potential to make the map last 40 minutes or a little longer and we are looking at ways to see if we can shorten that time a little. However we also firmly believe that this will be a very positive change for teams who previously had issues with the Gravelpit stalemate format. Also, there may be some confusion over which team should attack first in the third round of Gravelpit. The current plan is: The team who achieved the fastest overall cap time of ABC (when attacking first) / The team who captured ABC and their opponents failed to capture all points (when attacking first) / The team who captured the most points – will get to choose if they want to attack or defend first in the third round.

Note: “When attacking first” = The round where the team attacked first and set the first time on the scoreboard. Both teams get the opportunity to do this in separate rounds. A time set when playing 2nd in a round of Gravelpit is not counted.


We’re currently discussing the unlocks that will or won’t be allowed in AFS 2010. Current thinking (note: not rules yet) is as follows:

  • Medic – All allowed
  • Pyro – All allowed
  • Heavy – All allowed
  • Spy – All allowed
  • Sniper – All allowed
  • Demo – All allowed
  • Scout – Bonk allowed, FaN and Sandman banned
  • Soldier – Equalizer allowed, TDH and Buff Banner banned

All community weapons and random drop items that have been released after the ‘War Update’ (soldier/demo), will be considered banned unless explicitly stated.

Please note that this is provisional and is subject to change, pending further discussion amongst the Admin team. For example, we have not forgotten about the Gunboats – but we need to make sure that everyone has an equal and completely fair way of obtaining them, without having to craft items that they might need.

Provisional Start Date

We are looking to start the season on Monday 14th June 2010. This means that the signups will be closed by Sunday 13th June or when the league has 280 signups – whichever is the sooner.

Once the signups have been completed, teams will be organised into divisions by the Admins. Please note that this is not an *Official* season and as such there will be no promotion or relegation between divisions. In addition, we will not require screenshots from teams for them to request a place in a different division. This is a fun summer league and we hope you enjoy the new features :)

What does AFS mean?

Blame DeNeusbeer for this one – it means ‘All F*cking Summer’


  1. Koeitje: AUTOBOTS said:


  2. ulv: h. - Liero said:


  3. Reload: BiG - BiG said:


    Also, the Gunboats aren’t mentioned in the Unlocks section. Are you still discussing about it or something?

  4. Recluse: midboys - kiti said:

    > FaN and Sandman banned
    > TDH and Buff Banner banned

    omg, lol

  5. Grammer: Veg said:


  6. op said:

    nice guys

  7. cptn: \\/ier ° - -[MG-C]- said:


  8. ScArY_ said:

    Well done ! Viva la resistance

  9. Will said:

    Veryy goood :D

  10. Sturmis: Imperial - Hey dats! said:

    Pretty cool unlock rules for once!

    obscure and coldfront though… wouldn’t 4 5cp maps be enough?

  11. DeNeusbeer: (Legend) - HoT<3 said:

    Reload: Try reading the complete newspost ;)

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  13. Noeandee: GoT<3 - HoT<3 said:

    Ohhhh the incredible creative mind of the bignosed bear ( :P

    Verry nice of the etf2l team to setup the AFS!! Thanks :)

  14. Stray said:

    What about Yukon?

  15. skyride: DUCS said:

    Quality name. Lol neus.

  16. Buffalo Bill: TDR » - T⑨ said:

    Gravelpit is gonna take ages now.

    Hope all weapons will be allowed but otherwise it looks good.

  17. Dusty: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Will you get extra “summer wildcards”?

  18. Hansa: .idk? said:

    I like the gpit, unlock and golden caps points change rules.

    Anything about the crit-a-cola though : allowed or refused ?

  19. archy said:

    I really like all of the changes. Nice changes and I like the effort the admins put in. I just have to mention one issue:

    “If no winner is found in the golden cap period (which will be either 5 or 10 minutes – we’re still clarifying this), the winner will be the team that holds cp3 at the end of the time period.”

    In my opinion, you can still exploit that. For example, when your team wins mid and then caps 3rd (maybe 4th), you may just hold it, what is clearly not what you wanted to support: Attacking.

    If you are smart, you just let the time run out and hold. Even if you lose 4th again, you still have 3rd. My suggestion is: unlimited time limit for golden cap. There should be only one possibility to win the golden cap: cap the last CP. This would be my suggestion, which would mean that teams would have to attack until the game is won, what you wanted to achieve.

  20. GeneSIS^: [MIPC] said:

    best news since 2008

  21. Warmaster: -[MG]- - HL said:

    Coldfront should be replaced by viaduct:(
    Koth being an entire different gamemode could do with an unofficial testing season, coldfront on the other hand is just another 5 cp map (not even a real good one imo).

    Otherwise, good work:) Let’s hope a lot of div 1 teams sign up.

    +1 for an extra wildcard

  22. pykow said:

    cp_coldfront ? cold in the summer ! haha just kidding.

    nice i will sign up my team, this sunday :D

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  24. Darn: rockit like said:

    ahh… div1 up for a gentlemenrules. Vanilla+med ye?

  25. cMw said:

    coldfront shouldn’t be in there, viaduct should

    and gunboats should be allowed…

  26. [½]³: elem.v - SNSD-jjang ♥ said:


  27. DroSoPhiLe said:

    I think Archy got a point about the golden cap rule.
    You should consider that.

    I agree with Warmaster too. AFS would be the perfect moment to test viaduct as a new map.

  28. Tikcus said:

    Medic – All allowed
    Pyro – All allowed
    Heavy – All allowed
    Spy – All allowed
    Sniper – All allowed
    Demo – All allowed
    Scout – All allowed
    Soldier – Equalizer banned, TDH and Buff Banner allowed

    fixed the unlocks for you

    +1 to no timelimit on golden cap, in it’s current state promotes negative play

  29. Enef: NMH - ssbk said:

    Would prefer Yukon and viaduct to Freight and coldfront but nice choices.

    Wtb Direct Hit + Gunboats allowed :)

  30. Feer: Royal` - Panda said:

    Love the new points system. Allow gunboats. NEEDS VIADUCT PLEASE.

  31. Admirable: (Toucan Ambassador) said:

    Yeah GC should be time unlimited; win the round or gtfo!
    Interesting to add coldfront, 6 maps would have be enough imo :<

  32. Buffalo Bill: TDR » - T⑨ said:

    Soldier – Equalizer banned, TDH and Buff Banner allowed

    Oh noes, Soldier got a useful weapon. Let’s ban it. >_>

    Allow Equalizer. Not broken or gamebreaking.

  33. honeymustard: Phase said:

    Would have liked to see viaduct over coldfront, but it’s still a great map. Looking forward to the league :)

  34. crzfst said:

    Remove coldfront and it’s all good.

  35. Tikcus said:

    Bill you’re right :) but if we get to ban scout weapons because they are ‘annoying’ thought we could ban an ‘annoying’ soldier weapon

    ETF2L should follow the USA leagues
    ALL valve unlocks allowed – sandman
    All community unlocks banned for now

  36. Xizk: k^m said:

    Also would have prefered Viaduct over coldfront.

  37. LuckyLuke said:

    Sounds cool

    But why not Viaduct… it’s so much fun ^^

  38. Tikcus said:

    CEVO rules –
    The new community items are banned in this season since their effect on balance is unclear. All other unlockables are allowed EXCEPT FOR THE SANDMAN.

    The only discussion re unlocks in CEVO is why the SANDMAN is still banned after it has been ‘nerfed so hard’

  39. Randdalf: (0v0) said:

    Buff Banner banned :(

    Grats to Icarus for Coldfront. I think it’s a wiser option than Viaduct – less whiners.

  40. Smofo: Im THAT good! said:

    Please get rid of Coldfront i’ll show graditute by not whining about new freight then!

  41. Ran: rebeLion said:

    We need a timelimit on the GC, so games cannot go on forever (already saw a 50mn map on a tight game with such unlimited GC rule) and make it easier to plan any schedule. Especially with the new gravelpit rule, a game with a 5cp map with limitless GC + GPit could take either 30mn or 2h (with warmup and crap).

    Golden Cap is meant to be a quick way to tell a winner, and the team who lost mid is definitely going to be super aggressive so it’s not like it’ll end in a borefest like the camping we can see on granary between 3rd and yard.

  42. kittiesgoamd said:

    many 1-3 div teams not gonna play this season, hopefully gl getting 280 sign ups :}

  43. Buffalo Bill: TDR » - T⑨ said:

    Div1-3 is 70 teams, there were 400+ signups for Season 7. Pretty sure they’ll get 280 signups :p

  44. lukorepka: RB - ⇗upp⇙ said:

    It’ll be better than nothing, but I think coldfront is extra map.

  45. Stm ! said:

    coldfront is an odd choice. Viaduct is more popular, yukon too btw.

  46. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Thanks for the feedback already guys :) Glad to hear the new points system is interesting to people. It’s something that I’m personally REALLY excited about.

    With regards to the maplist – it’s not final, nor are the unlocks. But this is an indication of how we’re thinking, almost a ‘first draft’ if you like.

    There are a number of other maps being considered with Coldfront, and you can expect further tweaks in the next week or so.

    Anyway, thanks again for the feedback. I’m reading every comment on here x

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  48. JackieBoy: LTG. said:


  49. Spaceboy McGhee: [Ci] - Ci^H said:

    According to the poll on vanillatf2 61% of div 3-6 players wanted the DH allowed, so ETF2L has effectively gone against the wishes of the majority of its player base :<

    Seriously bummed out by this change in policy as I've mained DH solly since it came out.. haven't even touched the regular rocket launcher since December (barring the odd 5 minutes here and there of steam not connecting properly and allowing no unlocks). I know no one is likely to care (who are you? etc) but I'm seriously gonna have to consider whether I continue playing TF2 as a result of this change, and for what? Maybe the DH is seriously detrimental to the gameplay at Divs 1/2 level (I'll have to take people's word for it.. it's your high tier play anyway so what the fuck would I know) but what was wrong with a gentlemen's agreement banning it in the higher divs so that the rest of us proles could get on with enjoying the game?

  50. at0m1c* said:

    nice maps,nice rules also want to ask about gunboots,are they allowed?

  51. illii said:

    love it

  52. xeno: epx^ said:

    offering my support to gunboats..

  53. brt: encore - FuDoo :> said:

    nice move,
    but coldfront and the new fright???

  54. siNce_ said:

    oh, I say vanilla tf2 + medic unlocks + random hats!! (I love hats,mua)

  55. DEBoshir: hc said:

    Cool. Glad to hear about soldier unlocks .

  56. Hypnos said:

    yaaaay summer league :D

  57. Spaghetti: WJ said:

    man really,fan banned? why

  58. nuts said:

    let alone buff banner, pls :(

  59. Demourge: EPA said:

    Uhm .. I can understand the soldier unlocks and sandman .. but the fan? .. the fan has been allowed for like when it came out .. and it’s been nerfed about 4 times .. and suddenly now it’s not allowed in this? .. can an admin elaborate on this please?

  60. SirRemix: frø - DANMARK said:

    extra summer wildcards?

  61. flix: n2o said:

    thx god no viaducd!!!!

  62. GuMMi: frø - px. said:

    its sad to see that our beloved admins bow so easily to retards whining….
    Lets all play Vanilla tf2 cos some retards think its fun… GG

  63. Electro: Got Milk? said:

    Medic – All allowed
    Pyro – All allowed
    Heavy – All allowed
    Spy – All allowed
    Sniper – All allowed
    Demo – All allowed
    Scout – Bonk allowed, FaN and Sandman banned
    Soldier – Equalizer allowed, TDH and Buff Banner banned

    No need for that, you really should allow all unlocks now because you wont find a better time to test them. TF2 is getting booring without new features.

    +1 Point for Wireplay to go without banning weapons.

  64. Shabbaman: GoT<3 - HoT<3 said:

    I blame Deneusbeer for everything.

  65. ForzaEagLE: cc// said:

    Fan banned ? New freight ? Are you serious ? >.<

  66. Diegoo said:

    Nice to see new unlock rules. Or even better would be vanilla+medic only. Just don’t allow gunboats. It would make playing medic dreadful. Map pool and new point system seems also nice. Gj admins so far.

  67. flix: n2o said:

    tf2 needs no more maps….and no more items!

  68. ETF2L Sommarsäsong : said:

    […] meddelar ETF2L att en sommarsäsong kommer att dras igång den 14e […]

  69. RaCio: GoT² said:

    No need for that, you really should allow all unlocks now because you wont find a better time to test them.

    We are very open to one night cups specifically aimed towards new community weapons. But how would we run them if they are random drop only? Everyone should be able to compete, but with the random drop system even having the majority able to compete is hard. And you wouldn’t want people to destroy/craft their normal weapons to.

    its sad to see that our beloved admins bow so easily to retards whining….

    Yeah I know right. Unlike last time there have been huge amounts of rage and death threats lately…

  70. kaidus: 7. - WiK? said:

    Pretty lame that we’re starting during the world cup, can see that causing some people problems. Coldfronts pretty lame too, can see that causin some people some problems. Also this league just being for fun seems pretty lame too considering by the time we have a competitive competition any remaining promotion/relegation will be so far gone from being relevant you’ll be startin all over again, can see that causin some problems.

    Glad somethings happening though and we only have to suffer one retarded map this season. GJ.

  71. randa said:

    So awesome, as people have said a league is for people who want to play. NOT FOR PEOPLE THAT DONT.

  72. Tikcus said:

    RaCio, you are not proposing banning ‘Community Weapons’
    Fan, Sandman, Buff banner, and TDH are not community weapons.

    and TBH community weapons can be crafter realtivly easily now,

    A standard ruling on all community unlocks SHOULD be made for example

    All community weapons are banned for 8 weeks, and any weapons that are released during a season can not be used untill the season is complete.

    That WOULD allow everyone sufficent time to craft the weapons using random drops, using the easy blue prints

    Bonk! Atomic Punk + Kritzkrieg = Bonk! Crit-a-Cola
    Chargin’ Targe + Razorback = Gunboats
    Bonk! Atomic Punk + Sandvich = Dalokoh’s Bar
    Equalizer + Eyelander = Homewrecker
    Sandman + Scrap Metal = Pain Train
    Jarate + Axtinguisher = Scotsman’s skullcutter
    Dead Ringer + Huntsman = Tribalman’s Shiv

  73. caneD: TIDS - LEGO said:

    let us use gunboats!!!!!!!!!! :3

  74. huhystah said:

    New freight, lawlllllll

  75. Electro: Got Milk? said:

    Anyway if you would allow all weapons and add 20 shit maps it wont really matter. Everyone who will add themself into a Vanilla TF2 League will also add into a Everything allowed League. Sure there will be some whiners spamming the Forum but after the Season is over many of them wont whine anymore.

  76. Mr Lettre said:

    Nice job admins, exect for the new freight and cp_coldfront. A lot of team don’t master perfectly the new maps of past season, and as said someone, tf2 don’t need new maps. (sry for my bad english btw)

  77. antyy: 2ne1 said:

    px moaning cos gummi cant use fan in etf2l anymore.

  78. Noeandee: GoT<3 - HoT<3 said:

    I dont see the problem with coldfront. I think the feel and looks of the map works ok :-) I like the map. But id rather see follower, instead of the new freight version.

  79. GuMMi: frø - px. said:

    Theres no point in allowing a weapon for several seasons… making people adapt to it.. and then suddenly banning it for no reason at all ?… seriously admins can u get ure head out of the vanilla hole and listen to the rest of us ?….

    weve already made several polls about the fan… and so far the percentage of people voting for allowance of a fan scout never dropped below 40%….

    and antyy.. ure shit… even i can rape u with a fucking scattergun -.-

  80. Demourge: EPA said:

    px moaning cos gummi cant use fan in etf2l anymore.

    Uhh, I’ve always supported the FaN being allowed in etf2l, but despite that etf2l just basicly banned one of my players because his preference for a certain weapon that he has been using since it got released.. You don’t allow something for 2 seasons after it’s been nerfed for 4 times already and then suddenly ban it. Most people aren’t even good with the fan and with GuMMi’s case you could compare it to a soldier suddenly getting his rocket launcher banned and forced to use the TDH. It’s always a crying shame once a league bends down to the wishes of certain elitist individuals because they can’t take getting rolled by a weapon that’s “out of the ordinary”.

    As I have stated before, sure, I can understand if the sandman is banned or the buff banner, but the fan and TDH? Why don’t we ban the huntsman aswell then? That’s also an “out of the ordinary” weapon. Or the scottish resistance? I mean, you can block all entrances with it! ..

    It’s just too funny for words that once people get good with certain weapons they get banned because some kiddies cry about it .. and after 3 or 4 nerfs you’d think it would’ve been over with the “OMG OP” crying.

    A wise man once said: Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  81. hokka: flowerpower/ - wayne tag said:

    allow everything, i am sure some weapons are annoying, but nothing gamebreaking. Really now, do we need to know the unlockrules for every league in different seasons? sandman banned, sandman limited, sandman banned again. oh and wireplay its allowed and esl its banned too.
    also you can get communityweapons by crafting easily by now. and saying we have to delete a weapon to get them is stupid too, with the new dropsystem everyone should have more than enough drops.. also, not having the 2 new ones nor the critcola, i could easily craft it, but theres no need for me, as i dont need them at the very moment, youre banning them anyway.
    also, i am sure there are hundred of people that gave away their weapons for hats.
    (me, at leats remembers some games with medics not having kritzkrieg f.e.)

    Also, i dislike the system with gpit, the only reason i didnt liek to play that map is due to its long time, it could even take up to an hour, and if you have to wait or play engie for half the time it just gets boring, and now with 3 rounds its even worse, i am sure some organizers will have problems with keeping everything in time

  82. Electro: Got Milk? said:

    Admins should just stop listen to the Div1 Players and make their own or community rules.
    Majority of the players dont play Div1. Also if they want Vanilla why not adding a simply Div1 rule?

    Division 1 = Vanilla

  83. techtron said:

    :) div1 plox :)

  84. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    The Summer League is going to be a place where new and different ideas are tested. Not every rule or every idea will please everyone and that’s to be expected anywhere in life. You can’t please everyone.

    Demourge – There was no bending down with the FaN rule or any other. It’s something we wanted to try with continued feedback, because it’s a season for TESTING new ideas and seeing how things go. Just because something may or may not be allowed in a fun league, bears no relevance to what would happen in the next official season. We’re going to utilise the opportunity that we have to test variations, different rules, etc to ensure that our official seasons continue to be the best in Europe.

  85. Ronny: marco - said:

    I would prefer viaduct to coldfront, even as a medic. It’s just fun to play the map and it’s a good change to the standard cp maps.

  86. Demourge: EPA said:

    Well, with this much resistance before this “fun” league starts sounds promising, not to mention how “fun” it must be for GuMMi and other fanscouts because him and they basicly can’t play now ;)
    Was the TEST in div1 with the gentlemen-rule inconclusive enough or something? I’m all for new ideas and testing stuff out, but only if it benefits everyone or most people. That would mean that if it was banned right away and allowed now, then it would’ve been a good idea. Now it’s a bad idea that makes you look like the elitists’ bitch(es).

    But whatever, I’ve shown my concern and made it clear we’re not pleased with this decision, all I can hope is that other people will share that concern and speak out to it :)

  87. Tikcus said:

    D2M 90% of matches are played without FaN, what exactly are you wanting to ‘try’

    Try things by adding not taking away.

    No-one in my team uses any of the weapons you propse to ‘ban for fun’ but if we decided to try them out, then had to change all our tactics for a ‘Fun league’ can’t see how this would be FUN, more like the exact opposite.

    It would be more alot more fun to allow all unlocks including community based ones, and see how it plays out.

    But like I posted further up how community unlocks should be delt with, i’ll not repeat myself here.

    All VALVE weapons should be allowed without pointless limits

  88. kaidus: 7. - WiK? said:

    Yea as much as I hate the fan I’ve gotta admit it’s a really odd decision to remove it when you opted to keep it when it was not only substantially more powerful but also a much more widespread problem. Now it’s one guy who’s been using it since the ruling was made to allow it basically having his whole game taken away. Gotta sympathise with px here as there’s just no reason to ban it now. I hate the fan, I really do, I wish it was never introduced but you can’t keep fucking with people.

    You say it’s just to test it, but as has already been pointed out 99.9% of matches occur without the fan already – what the fuck are you testing apart from demourge and gummi’s patience? 6 months ago I’d have said yes please ban it dear god please ban it, but the decision was made, accepted, since which no new developments have occured with the fan besides further nerfs.

  89. kaidus: 7. - WiK? said:

    Should also add that this sets such a terrible precident from an admin team that are seemingly attempting to support unlocks so long as they’re balanced. Even though scottish resistance, charge n targe etc are all allowed I will now never encorporate them into my game for fear of some whiney cunt getting it banned 2 seasons from now. Really awful logic.

  90. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    Please note that this is provisional and is subject to change, pending further discussion amongst the Admin team. For example, we have not forgotten about the Gunboats – but we need to make sure that everyone has an equal and completely fair way of obtaining them, without having to craft items that they might need.

    Same with the maps. It is impossible to set a precedent when nothing in the news post is an actual ‘rule’.

    You can pick all of the words apart, you can slag off the league, you can abuse our efforts as admins as much as you like. But let’s not ignore the actual facts please. Until anything is finalised, it’s not a rule that the league has put into place.

    I’m not going to comment further on this news post as it’s rather tiring having to defend every word that an admin ever posts should someone take a dislike to it or not understand it fully.

    Peace and love, don’t forget signups are Sunday night x

  91. Tikcus said:

    It’s a shame you have decided not to post again, having failed to explain the current thinking behind the unlocks.

    I didn’t read alot of people slaging off the league, or abusing admins efforts, however i’m pleased you seem not to have a closed mind and have not finalised anything yet.

    note that you can just craft duplicates to make gunboats, meaning they don’t need the items, also somehow I doubt any soldier who doesn’t have gunboats and really wants them ‘needs’ his only Chargin’ Targe + Razorback

  92. Keyro: Cheater said:

    Great job admins ! Due to the summer, the format of this AFS league is the best you can sort out in my opinion, people who wants to play will have the best league to play in this summer. And you’re brave to organise that since making the divisions with 8 teams and then making the divisions in september with reslut of this AFS and season 7 will probably be terrible :’

    Agree on the new freight, coldfront is unexpected but good time to test this unknown map (Apart from fragga movies ofc), maybe it will be good.

    Personnaly i don’t know what is the problem with having a draw, i’m fine with it. Why change something which works ? It’s will cause more issues than resolving problems.

    On the unlocks rules, don’t understand the point like Tikus and px family, the rules had to be change a bit because i think the “1 max weapon by team” thingy is awfull butnot in this way :/.
    Ban the weapons which don’t go in the good way and slow the game and allow the rest except community craftable weapons, the DH and the Sandman are maybe not OP but i frankly think there are a bad thing for competitive TF2. But no reason to ban the fan and buff banner, they can add good things when used properly, and for the 2-3 top scouts i played against who mastered the FAN and doing incredibly things with it, i don’t want it to be banned. It’s worth watch them and not frustating like errr, 1 high velocity rocket you can do nothing against :D ?
    Hope you can go back on some points, but good job overall.

  93. mvp.: marco - ¤_¤ said:

    id rather see a season 8 than summer season, but hey.. its better than nothing!

    i like the new point system, rly good idea! looking forward to it.

    regarding the maps: i had a closer look on the (so called) season 8 map candidates, and coldfront is, besides viaduct, the best choice. a lot of players cried about viaduct just being deathmatch and so in no way would/should/could be a map for the european tf2 scene.
    thats why the admins were going with coldfront, and i appreciate it.
    the summer season is for fun, and for testing.

    SO -> before moaning and crying again.. just play some pcws on coldfront, forge your own opinion and come back here. (running as scout through the map on a local server doesnt cound!!)

    while we are on it.. testing.. d2m: you re doing a great work. my suggestion goes with allowing the community weapons! the excuse of being randomly dropped doesnt count anymore, as VALVE has provided blue prints for all weapons.
    (in memory of wai+mvp aka the paintrain!)

    one more thing regarding the golden cap rule: timelimit!? really? the team holding cp3/mid wins!? REALLY!? 2 sentry guns on cp3 incoming.. you really should rethink that rule! the EMS is a good example, lots of golden caps, and none of those lasted, like some specialists mentioned here, for a long time.
    just a fun idea i had few weeks ago: goldencap = 1 round of viaduct. :P

  94. mvp.: marco - ¤_¤ said:

    count* jeez, edit button plz :P

  95. matOo said:

    old freight pls

  96. mvp.: marco - ¤_¤ said:

    new freight definately is the way to go.

  97. Anathema said:

    Fan should have been banned from the minute it was released.
    Just because a mistake was made then by allowing it, does not mean it should be permanent.
    Good call admins.

  98. Shabbaman: GoT<3 - HoT<3 said:

    I’m sad to see Gorge and Turbine replaced with yet another 5cp map. TF2 is more than 5cp maps.

  99. Nmx: ᴷᵈ said:

    I was 100% behind the fact to ban that fag fan, but now after all those nerfs I barely see anyone use it. Plus everyone knows how to handle it when someone uses it.
    Fan is anoying for your team buddy aswell ( shooting the one you want to meatshot 100 yards further away )

    Banning it now is not needed, only when it had that movement ‘stop’
    Just allow all weapons, don’t see any gamebreaking weapons anymore, everything has a big downside. ( TDH / Buffbanner / FaN / Sandman / etc. )

    Oh yeah, I’m not div 1 so no one would listen to a low – shitnerd m i rite?
    Other than that, can’t wait for the season, thanks for the AFS season. :)

  100. GuMMi: frø - px. said: –> Me if they ban the fan..

  101. r7an: -9w- said:

    Nice decisions, pretty much what I was hoping for! Especially the draw rules.

  102. Dr-Gimpfen: 9g1c said:

    Why ban FaN now after allowing it 2 seasons long with limit 1?????????????????
    every tought about the fact that some teams got a FaN Scout that is specialised on the weapon???

  103. Dan: cb. said:

    Coldfront <3, new freight </3

  104. Thumbelina said:

    sounds good!

  105. RezZzet.exe: CY said:

    “ –> Me if they ban the fan..”
    good luck in summer season guys =***

  106. treigzak: coolclan - Kvakkistansen said:

    Still banning of weapons with absolutely no reason, other than that some of the old conservative farts in div1 want to keep the gameplay as close to how it was when they were young.

    Etf2l should host a vanilla tf2 league for them, just like it is in Starcraft vs Brood War, or Diablo 2 vs Lord of Destruction, the weapon additions in TF2 can in many ways be considered an expansion to the original title.

  107. RandomChatter » Blog Archive » FF #46: Scooped like Raisin Bran said:

    […] ETF2L summer season […]

  108. Feniks-3966: tm.hl said:

    How many teams already registered?

  109. Buffalo Bill: TDR » - T⑨ said:

    280, it’s filled.

  110. kaidus: 7. - WiK? said:

    I wonder what scape goat will be used to stffle the cries of reason after the rules are finalised.

  111. kaidus: 7. - WiK? said:


  112. PureX: U-D-D said:

    no one is reading: We’re currently discussing the unlocks that will or won’t be allowed in AFS 2010. Current thinking (note: not rules yet) is as follows: ?
    and its only AFS???
    1.3.4 Scout Unlocks: Energy drink allowed. Force-a-nature and Sandman limited to 1.
    …. so FAN ISN’T BANNED!

  113. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    The rules page has not been updated for the new season. This has clearly been explained more than once :)

  114. Arnold: DAKKA said:

    Use the new version of gullywash ->

  115. spence: ¤_¤ said:

    ETA on division placements???

  116. n0va: T2P said:

    what he said

  117. tekas: Dsmile - :::Ash::: said:

    when we will sea tables?

  118. Tikcus said:

    can we get a rule set? and all info please

    “We are looking to start the season on Monday 14th June 2010”

    guess that dates going to be missed

  119. Gas13: niveous. said:

    > Every league map in ETF2L can no longer finish in a draw.

    You should add this to league rules. As currently rules give point for a draw.

  120. ETF2L AFS Season 2010 – signups öppnar 30/5 : Team Fortress 2 (TF2) på said:

    […] Läs hela nyheten här. […]