Game of the Week #2: I Don’t Know? vs FakkelBrigade on ETF2L Radio

Date April 25, 2010

Super sunday

Season 7 reaches its dramatic conclusion tonight with the Division 1 title race still wide open. Five-time and reigning champs Team Dignitas currently sit atop the division with 33 points, but I Don’t Know? on 30 points and TCM-Gaming on 29 points both have two maps to play tonight.

I Don’t Know? control their own destiny: two map wins tonight against FakkelBrigade guarantees them first place.

TCM will be hoping that FakkelBrigade manage to at least draw on Gorge, like they did versus Dignitas, which would mean that the door would be wide open for them to take first place by beating The Last Resort over two maps, which will be played at the same time as I Don’t Know?’s fixture.

If TCM only manage four points and I Don’t Know? just squeeze three out of FakkelBrigade, that’d set up a three way tie for first place between the teams and Dignitas.

Who will be the Division 1 champions by the end of tonight?

Total Voters: 278

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ETF2L Radio #12

ETF2L Radio will be casting the action live from I Don’t Know? vs FakkelBrigade, with real-time updates from the TCM vs TLR fixture running at the same time. Make sure to join us as we celebrate the end of the season in style and crown the champion of Season 7.

We will also hopefully be providing a video stream, courtesy of Level Up TV, right here on the ETF2L homepage.

  • Starting Sunday, April 25th at 20:50 CEST
  • Hosted by Dave, Torden and JimmyBreeze
  • SourceTV:
  • Mumble cast: / port 64740
  • Join for shoutouts
  • There will also be a German language stream switching between both games starting at 20:30 CEST from

Spread the word

Torden has made a beautiful poster to celebrate the event, make sure you spam it on your local TF2 message board of choice!

Match Overview
European Epsilon eSports vs Netherlands FakkelBrigade
Week 7 (Division 1)
Date Sunday, April 25th 21:00 CEST



3 - 1



2 - 0

European Epsilon eSports [6:0] Netherlands FakkelBrigade

Match Overview
European TCM Gaming vs Germany Marco FTW
Week 8 (Division 1)
Date Sunday, April 25th 21:15 CEST



5 - 0



2 - 0

European TCM Gaming [6:0] Germany Marco FTW


  1. Vali: -9w- said:

    * I Don’t Know? (75%, 6 Votes)
    * Team Dignitas (13%, 1 Votes)
    * Nobody – there’ll be a tie for first place (13%, 1 Votes)
    * TCM-Gaming (-1%, 0 Votes)

    TCM are the biggest underdogs in history, with an estimated -1% to win!

  2. skinnie: TCM said:

    oh shiiiitttttt

    wrong times on the poster! start over !

  3. waiz said:

    idk ftw!

  4. Abunai said:


  5. /* no comment */: T4F said:

    It’s gonna be legen- wait for it -dary…

  6. Buffalo Bill: TDR » - T⑨ said:

    Both TCM and idk? deserve the victory, imo, but I think idk? is gonna take it. :D

  7. Knolly said:

    imo TCM will take it even though it depends on how fb will preform. shame for dignitas though.

  8. I am a pirate YARRRRRRR: ‹Con› said:

    in every poll, i’m soooo tempted to answer “I DONT KNOW?” :D

  9. XO -: MEAT said:

    go idk? and TLR

  10. Memento Mori said:

    Tie. I called it remember.

  11. Vctrs Freeze: [HA] said:

    Best ETF2L Season ever. Exciting matches

  12. Shizuh » Blog Archive » 25.4.2010 – “ETF2L Season 7 Finale” said:

    […] Heute Abend Live! [Klick mich hart!] […]

  13. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    I see this as a TCM league victory, especially if TLR have to play two matches tonight (not sure if they’re doing that yet).

    TCM to take 6 points, idk? to take 4 points.

    Final table:

    TCM – 35
    idk? – 34
    Dignitas – 33
    Power – 31

  14. Warmaster: -[MG]- - HL said:

    TCM ending with 36 points would be quite unbelievable tbh d2m! Unless the admin powers will make it happen:D

  15. D2M: vertex » - derptex9 said:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about :P

  16. 682 said:

    Just remember that the STV binds don’t work like they do in spectate, so when hykleri is recording he can’t follow everyone as he normally would

  17. Arie: ( - FB - [FB] said:

  18. Ninja economist said:

    Any STV Demo?

  19. Feer: Royal` - Panda said:

    will there be a vod from lvl^ uploaded anytime soon?

  20. F2 :]: Vintage said:

    lvl^ vod: