Entries from April 2010

Game of the Week #3: Team Vertex vs Only Rockets Love You on ETF2L Radio

Date April 29, 2010

Competing for Division 2 Relapsing back into our unorganised ways, ETF2L Radio is returning after the thrilling Season 7 Final to bring you coverage of one of the more interesting games happening this week – the fight for Division 2 between  Team Vertex and Only Rockets Love You. After convincingly beating Fragmative in their Pre-Playoff […]

The ETF2L SteelSeries Season 7 Wrapup, an ESH Cup Announcement and lots more!

Date April 28, 2010

idk? Grand Winners of ETF2L SteelSeries Season 7 Phew! We can breathe again! It’s safe to say that ETF2L Season 7 has been our most exciting and close yet, culminating in a fantastic finish on Sunday with 3 teams all competing for the coveted title. However, only one team could emerge victorious, and after a […]

MNM #4 Announcement

Date April 28, 2010

When: Monday 3rd May 2010 Time: 20CEST Teams: 32, split into 2 cups Signups open: Sunday 2nd May 2010 Map: koth_viaduct :D Have a good day! ;)

Omnomnom Bacon! MNM #3 Roundup

Date April 27, 2010

Yesterday evening we saw another succesful Monday Night Cup take place on cp_mainline_rc5 There were two brackets, a high bracket and a low bracket, each containing 16 teams. High Bracket: Click here Low Bracket: Click here Congratulations to the winners of each bracket: Low Bracket BACON! Lethal-Zone Green Blood is Good eLiTe Team High Bracket […]

MNM #3 – cp_mainline_rc5

Date April 26, 2010

Welcome to Monday Night Madness #3 Welcome to the second edition of the Monday Night Madness cups, this time featuring cp_mainline_rc5 The cup is a one-night cup, and will start Monday 26th April 2010 at 20:00CEST. There are 32 teams split across 2 brackets of 16 – High/Low. Map: cp_mainline_rc5 (Download here) High Bracket: Click […]