Entries from November 2008

4th Cup Round 2 – Season 3 Playoffs – Radio Forum – Fun Cups’ Status

Date November 26, 2008

Another week is over, so here is some information about our active competitions: 4th Cup – Round 2 Fixtures All Round 1 matches are entered and our second 4th Cup IRC Live Drawing took place last Monday. The ETF2L IRC Bot was in a good mood and randomized some promising looking matches for Round 2 […]

Season 3 Playoffs Overview – Arena Cup #1 Quarter Finals – Cup Default Dates

Date November 17, 2008

Season 3 – Playoffs Overview The Season 3 Playoff Phase is still in progress; almost all Pre-Playoffs have been entered by now and the Playoff Fixtures have been generated. But first we would like to announce the date for the most important match of this Season: our Season 3 Title Decider Match between Team CoolerMaster […]

Season 4 Sign-Up Dates & Season 3 Pre-Playoff Default Dates

Date November 11, 2008

Due to the amount of requests about when Season 4 is starting, we are publishing all important dates about our upcoming new Season today. Cause of the Christmas time coming up soon, we decided to make a little break and start with the regular Season 4 Matches after the holidays. Of course we are already […]

Scout & Demo 1on1 Cup starting – 4th Cup IRC Live Drawing TODAY – Status on all other Cups

Date November 9, 2008

Scout + Demoman 1on1 Cup starting After we started with 64 slots for Scout and 32 slots for the Demoman 1on1 Cup, we are very proud reaching 128 players for both Cups! The Cup Trees are online now, please start contacting your Round 1 opponents, schedule your matches and play them! Please have in mind […]

Season 3 – Division Winners + Playoff Fixtures

Date November 5, 2008

All regular Season 3 Week Fixtures are submitted and we are ready to announce our Season 3 Division Winners and Playoff Fixtures! Division Winners Big Congratulations to all 18 Season 3 Division Winners, well done! All Winners are automatically promoted to the next Division in Season 4! Season 3 Title Champion: Decider Match Team CoolerMaster […]