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Date December 5, 2007

Hello people,

Much information is coming to you in this post, so we will start right through:

We are happy to almost reached 30 teams from 7 different countries (France, England, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Finland & Denmark). Still there is space for many more teams of course!

Remember: The deadline for the 1st Season Sign-Up is coming closer. If your team wants to take part in the biggest European TF2 League sign up your team, there are only 7 days left to register for the 1st ETF2L season. Also a special invite for teams from minority TF2 gaming countries like Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Norway, Belgium or Romania. Get your mates together and sign!

The first votes are finished; sadly we couldn’t get clear results on the classlimit votes. But hell yeah, community is quite discordant at the moment. The Crit-Vote ended with 68% voters against crits; 54% of the voters decided for mediclimit 1. About general classlimits, 52% (71 people) voted for classlimit 2, 40% (55 people) voted for no classlimits.

As result of these votes the ETF2L 1st Season & Starting Cup will be played with no Crits, Mediclimit 1 and Classlimit 2. Timelimit for well, granary and 2fort is 30 minutes. TFTrue needs to be installed on your server. Some explanation: We know many people voted for unlimited classlimits. Still we think, as over 50% voted for classlimit 2, we should give that system a chance. TF2 has very balanced classes so it’s normally not needed to play with more than 2 of one class. We will go with classlimit 2 for the 1st Season and please those who voted for no classlimits to give it a chance. Sure there might be a new vote about the classlimits for the 2nd season.

Notice: There is another vote about final sniperlimit in the end of this news (as the first outcome “unlimited” is not realizable anymore), beside a vote about friendly fire. The votes will be closed Saturday the 8th, 12:00 CET. Votes about the score system on gravelpit & dustbowl, and a vote about custom maps in mappool will follow on the same day. And also the fixed rules will be updated on the “Rules Page”, including a server.cfg, on Saturday, so everything is fixed for the 1st Round of our Starting Cup. Mentioning the Starting Cup,

That will be the fixed ETF2L Starting Cup Timetable:

1st Round: 10.-16.12., maps: well+granary (decider: 2fort golden cap)

Quarter-Finals: 17.12.-6.1. (If possible! Otherwise as soon as possible), maps by elimination mode

Semi-Finals: 7.1.-13.1., maps by elimination mode

Final: 20.1.2008 around 21:00CET, maps by elimination mode, 2 mapwins

We hope it’s possible for all teams to fix a date for the Quarter Final between 17.12.07 and 06.01.08; anyway, we understand if a team can’t make it in this period. If that’s the case, try to do the game in the midweek after the 6th.

Notice: There will be a live IRC drawing for every round. Dates and times will be announced on this site.

Elimination Mappick System:

The ETF2L Starting Cup mappool comprised well, granary, dustbowl, gravelpit, 2fort (5 maps). Maps will be picked from the Quarter Final on by the following way: 1st team drawn starts with eliminating the first map. The 2nd team eliminates a 2nd map. 3 maps are left. 1st team now decides their map from the last 3 maps. The 2nd team can now choose their map from the last 2. These two maps will be played. The 3rd map is the possible decider map.


Team A: “We eliminate dustbowl!” –> well, granary, gravelpit, 2fort

Team B: “Oh no, but ok, we eliminate 2fort!!” –> well, granary, gravelpit

Team A: “Hum, our map will be granary then…” –> well, gravelpit

Team B: “Okok, ours is gravelpit.” –> well (decider map if each team wins 1 map)

Notice: You are supposed to add the game date and fixed maps to the ETF2L calendar, by clicking on Calendar at the Dashboard. There you can add an “event”.

If you still want to mention any good custom maps which should be added to the mappool, have a look in our forum thread.

For any questions or problems regarding the Sign-Up, the Starting Cup, the 1st season or anything else, feel invited to contact us by the comment function, the forum or by IRC @ QuakeNet, channel #etf2l .

We are also still in need of some more admins. If you are interested in helping, contact us.

Ok, that’s it; next news on Saturday!

Friendly Fire?

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Sniperlimit again!

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