Entries from December 2007

Bye Christmas, Hello 2008

Date December 28, 2007

Christmas is finally over and 2008 isn’t far away. Also just 10 more days and the 1st Game Week of our 1st Season will start. Feel free to start scheduling your Week 1 games with your opponent. Don’t forget to put the fixed date into our Calendar. You can add games to the Calendar here. […]

Divisions Final, Mappick open

Date December 21, 2007

Divisions and Fixtures are final, the mappick is open now. Have a look at the Rules page for detailed map rule information. Your map picks won’t be published before general mappick is closed. Every team is supposed to pick their maps till the 02.01.2008. You can pick your maps here. All mappicks will be published […]

Late changes, last check

Date December 20, 2007

After we had to do a few very late changes as Xeno decided to suddenly not to play the league the tables and fixtures are like 99% final. Mappick will open with a detailed news tonight.

Season 1 Provisional Divisions + Starting Cup 2nd Round Fixtures

Date December 17, 2007

Final Divisions will be released on 20.12.2007 Notice: Division 2a is the same level then Division 2b, Division 3a is the same level then Division 3b. If your team feels totally over- or underestimated and would like to play in another division, you need to contact the admins till 19.12.2007 The following teams will have […]

Sign-Ups closed!

Date December 15, 2007

Here we go again. The registrations are closed now, we are really happy about over 20 more teams joining in the last week. We are proud to announce 50 teams joined up. And it’s nice we managed to became a big European league with teams from 11 different nationalities. These are the teams who will […]