virtual voltage

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Serverbuy in few days
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Waiting List: virtual voltage @[email protected]
squad :
Fry – ex qbf / rus ds (future) …
skaaa – ex hc / lulz …
thunder – leader
citrus (join in few days) – ex sf / bapple …
Demiurge – ex m.six …
Opex – ex qs …
microb – ex leader of yes!^ , and deputy …
neitral – ex yes!^ , fas …
if u wanna pcw – 0:0:19675004
thunder , just mick
skill – low :3


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Team Name History

Date Old Name New Name
virtual version virtual voltage
ispiration virtual version

Player History

Action Player By Date
Left thunder thunder
Left opexoff_14_ thunder
Left neitral thunder
Left microb thunder
Left Fry thunder
Left Undertaker thunder
Left Demiurge Demiurge
Left skaaa skaaa
Joined Undertaker thunder
Joined opexoff_14_ opexoff_14_
Joined Demiurge thunder
Joined neitral thunder
Joined skaaa skaaa
Joined microb thunder
Left Sandr0_08 thunder
Joined Fry Fry
Left Fry Fry
Joined Fry Fry
Joined Sandr0_08 thunder
Joined thunder thunder