Sampler Fi Part II

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(This team is currently inactive. Thanks everyone for playing, thanks TF2PT for getting together to make the team possible, and thanks ETF2L for the scrims and the tournament! The team's info is being preserved as-is for posterity.)

Na lasanha confiamos
O nome não é final

Talk to Kaelan for everything. Contact Biohazard or RNTenant if Kaelan is not available.

Scouts: Biohazard & Yanuk
Soldiers: Fuxx & Spanns
Medic: Kaelan



Season 43 – Mid
biohazard : yanuk : BRASILGORILA99 : Spanns : RNTenant : kaelan!


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Upcoming Fixtures

Date Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
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Date Round Team 1 Team 2 Result
6v6 Autumn 2022 [Archives]
Week 7 (Mid) Default Win
Week 6 (Mid) 6 - 0
Week 5 (Mid) 6 - 0
Week 4 (Mid) 3 - 3
Week 3 (Mid) 6 - 0
Week 2 (Mid) 0 - 6
Week 1 (Mid) 0 - 6


Date DL POV Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
No demos for this team.

Team Name History

Date Old Name New Name
Nondescript Sampler Fi 6v6 Sampler Fi Part II

Player History

Action Player By Date
Left Kaelan Frey Kaelan Frey
Left Spanns Kaelan Frey
Left yanuk Kaelan Frey
Left BRASILGORILA99 Kaelan Frey
Left Supreme Kaelan Frey
Left Fuxx Kaelan Frey
Left Duff Kaelan Frey
Left RNTenant Kaelan Frey
Left Biohazard Kaelan Frey
Left racecar racecar
Left fl1ppe_ fl1ppe_
Joined Fuxx Kaelan Frey
Joined Duff Kaelan Frey
Joined fl1ppe_ Kaelan Frey
Joined Supreme Kaelan Frey
Joined racecar Kaelan Frey
Joined BRASILGORILA99 Kaelan Frey
Joined Biohazard Kaelan Frey
Joined yanuk Kaelan Frey
Joined Spanns Kaelan Frey
Joined RNTenant Kaelan Frey
Joined Kaelan Frey Kaelan Frey