Kritz Your Scout

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A new team taking on Season 29
Out of the ashes a clear light will shine…

Pocket Scout –
Flank Scout – 4ndy
Roamer – Kleinsein
Pocket – Ph3no
Demo – Baumeister
Medic –

Subs – SaltySwede, Metso, Ivailo


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Player History

Action Player By Date
Left Ph3no Ph3no
Left SaltySwede Ph3no
Left Metso Ph3no
Left Val Ph3no
Left hondjo Ph3no
Left kleinsein Ph3no
Left 4ndy 4ndy
Left Basti Basti
Left Morphogenensis Morphogenensis
Left BreaDMV BreaDMV
Joined 4ndy Ph3no
Joined BreaDMV Ph3no
Left Old Shatterhand Ph3no
Joined Basti Ph3no
Joined kleinsein Ph3no
Left Quickstate Ph3no
Joined hondjo Ph3no
Joined Morphogenensis Ph3no
Left winkyloloko Ph3no
Joined Val Ph3no
Left Deer Ph3no
Left emskii Ph3no
Joined winkyloloko Ph3no
Joined Quickstate Ph3no
Joined emskii Ph3no
Joined Old Shatterhand Ph3no
Joined Metso Ph3no
Joined Deer Ph3no
Joined SaltySwede Ph3no
Joined Ph3no Ph3no