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Add Fonex for his amazing music taste and hello kitty island sniper aim practice
Add repu for mlg scout gaming
Add alle for learning prem sticks
Add Calamity for 420 strafing and some MLG medicing
Add chewid for mge
Add Epi for his voice and donate him for a better internet
Add Lobsteri for yump races he's a yumper
Add Mundi for mge too
Add splinter if you want to know his college stories
Add lune for swagful sex
Add Bloodis for shitting people and making fun of them
Add django for rape
Add Conne for 69 and other weird positions in sex
Add zzott for scout mentoring
Add gouldie for lenny face
Add Sapphira for demo mentoring mixes and sex
Add torrit for medicing and mentoring and how to move out

step 1: torrit
step 2: get in2 d3

!add endif
get good get lmaobox
got lmaobox got good
got good got vac banned

pro conversations in mumble 101
"why is our team name so tryhard"
"yeah why does it contain some tryhard stuff"
"what the fuck did you say about our team you little fucking bitch, we are the best tryhards in hello kitty island"

FonexiA killed Taymato with sniperrifle. (crit)
FonexiA : get good get lmaobox
PąińDęffręiR killed mccreeperism with sniperrifle. (crit)
Disconnect: Kicked by administrator.
Disconnect: Kicked by administrator.

calamity and repu is probably the most gorgeous gamers in this team
mayb alle


mfw no -tt
mfw shit demo

chewid best yumper 2014

all of the professional kids do this so im like whatever:

Scouterino hackerino numbero uno- smasher #1
Soldierino hackerino numbero des – smasher #2
Pyroerino hackerino numbero tres- smasher #3
Demomanerino spammerino – smasher #4
Heavyerino minigunuserino – smasher #5
Enginerino wranglermano – smasher #6
Medicerino healermenino – smasher #7
Sniperino riflemanino – smasher #8
Spyermanino sappermano – smasher #9

Multino-classino subsino;
smasher #1 v1
smasher #1 v1.16 alpha version
smasher #1 v1.2 beta test
smasher #1 v2 preview of the game

ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ RAISE YOUR TRYHARD LEVEL ヽ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽ノ

please higher your skill
please lower your whine


we are the hardest of tryhards
i know its unbelievable
we also are all female gamers

wooooooo e sports

22:32 – repu: hl is fun
22:32 – repu: we got this
confidence of a carry player v1

haters gonna hate

a song needed to be sang so kj sung it;
22:29 – kj: relax
22:29 – kj: take your tmie
22:29 – kj: time
22:29 – kj: something something
22:29 – kj: something something
22:29 – kj: and you will see
22:29 – kj: infinity
kj is love too

average conversation with calamity;


14:51 – fnx1002: say something funny that i can use on our tyeam's profile
14:52 – lune :3: no
14:52 – fnx1002: wow
14:52 – fnx1002: you were going to be my prom date
14:52 – fnx1002: now you do this
14:52 – lune :3: damn right
14:52 – fnx1002: im sorry i have to release our sex tapes
14:53 – lune :3: Its cool, fame is always good

15:47 – dole: squarin numbers is just like women, if they're under 13 just do them in your head

15:47 – dole: go to a vagina orchard and turn that around and you have a 3rd world country

we realyl like kaktüses

repu's poetries are deep its like between life and death
repu is half gay half amazing and %100 shreker

"Yow wollaha ne kadar trolüm yow"
– Biggie, 2014

talking shit in real life is so fucking hard
dont even try
like you talk shit and there goes your butt
your virginity your money everything that you can imagine
your skill your airshoots
everything m7

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Its me, the most hated player on ETF2L, I always had this desire when I was a little kid, this desire started when I was 8 years old. I saw the love of my life, the best stream, of my life. Kaidus, kaidus' stream. Since 1982 I desire to play with kaidus. I know that you hate me, but you can't deny love. Please don't copy and paste this, thanks. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

much love to;
cereals lenny face me

this game fucking sucks dicks dud


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