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Poison Killer Squad Lider: Muuki


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Upcoming Fixtures

Date Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
No fixtures for this team.


Date Round Team 1 Team 2 Result
Season 15 powered by BlackOut Gaming [Archives]
Week 7 (Division 5C) Erdnuckels :D 0 - 6
Week 3 (Division 5C) What a story mark! :D 0 - 6
Week 6 (Division 5C) Harmful Hamsters :D 0 - 6
Week 5 (Division 5C) :D Transösophageale_Echokardiographie 6 - 0
Week 4 (Division 5C) Da Funk :D 6 - 0
Week 2 (Division 5C) Kiwédia :D 0 - 6
Week 1 (Division 5C) Crack Clan Green :D 6 - 0
Season 14 powered by Twitch [Archives]
Week 7 (Division 5H) :D addict! eSports 6 - 0
Week 5 (Division 5H) :D Friendly Friends 6 - 0
Week 6 (Division 5H) :D Not Neutral 5 - 1
Week 4 (Division 5H) :D Ideomotor Phenomenon 6 - 0
Week 3 (Division 5H) :D Herbs Army Second Squad 6 - 0
Week 2 (Division 5H) :D Default Win e-Sports / GOLD 3 - 3
Week 1 (Division 5H) :D Karmazynowe Bractwo 6 - 0


Date DL POV Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
No demos for this team.

Team Name History

Date Old Name New Name
Finnish InterNational FIN :D
GTFO LOL NOOBS :D:D: (c) luzik Finnish InterNational FIN
Potat Fighters GTFO LOL NOOBS :D:D: (c) luzik
Super Killers of Doom Potat Fighters
Actually is Super Killers of Doom
dubbel darez Actually is

Player History

Action Player By Date
Left snade snade
Left luzik luzik
Left molko molko
Left oamaok oamaok
Left Muuki Muuki
Joined molko Muuki
Joined luzik luzik
Joined exde exde
Left vintio Muuki
Left Tosi Muuki
Left molko Muuki
Left meedio Muuki
Left Kynis Muuki
Joined molko molko
Joined Tosi Tosi
Joined vintio vintio
Joined Mini Mini
Joined meedio meedio
Left molko molko
Left Osmo Osmo
Left Mokki Mokki
Left xzr xzr
Joined Mokki Mokki
Joined Kynis Kynis
Joined xzr xzr
Joined snade snade
Joined molko molko
Joined Muuki Muuki
Joined Osmo Osmo
Joined oamaok oamaok