That awkward moment

[Fun Team]
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Spreading the awkwardness since 2012
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Upcoming Fixtures

Date Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
No fixtures for this team.


Date Round Team 1 Team 2 Result
One Night Cup: Sunshine - Medium Bracket [Archives]
Round 1 MGE FAMILY That awkward moment 3 - 0
Blast from the Past One Night Cup - Medium Bracket - 1 [Archives]
Round 1 That awkward moment Dr3am Clan 0 - 3
Highlander Experimental Cup #3: Low Bracket [Archives]
Final That awkward moment Wolves of Anatolia 0 - 6
Semi-Final Fucking Awesome Generous Scums That awkward moment 0 - 3
Quarter Final That awkward moment Swedish Outhouse Mafia Default Win
Round 1 OverCharge That awkward moment 0 - 3
Experimental Highlander cup #2 - Low [Archives]
Round 1 Just for Fan That awkward moment 3 - 0


Date DL POV Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
No demos for this team.

Player History

Action Player By Date
Left Carlos Kaiser quintosh
Joined Qnai Piste
Left bobmus bobmus
Left Qnai Qnai
Joined Alfred Piste
Joined Asaaj Qnai
Joined Shoutti Qnai
Joined bobmus Piste
Left snowdream snowdream
Joined snowdream Qnai
Joined GiddyM0 Qnai
Joined Carlos Kaiser Qnai
Joined retrix Qnai
Joined Kraven- Qnai
Joined Korv Qnai
Joined aarnis Qnai
Joined Adi0s Qnai
Joined Mad Cap Qnai
Joined nahka Qnai
Left Bloodyyy Qnai
Left Raf Raf
Left phantomwolf Qnai
Left mazemir Qnai
Left HartzFartz HartzFartz
Left kermit kermit
Left Fuxx Fuxx
Joined Fuxx Qnai
Left nyxzsche nyxzsche
Joined BAITO Qnai
Joined mazemir Qnai
Joined Bloodyyy Qnai
Joined Raf Qnai
Joined kermit Qnai
Joined HartzFartz Qnai
Joined phantomwolf phantomwolf
Joined nyxzsche nyxzsche
Joined Piste Piste
Joined Qnai Qnai
Left Qnai Qnai
Left aarnis Qnai
Left Asaaj Qnai
Left Asuna Qnai
Left Kraven- Qnai
Left Mad Cap Qnai
Left Markku Qnai
Left Nikola Qnai
Left nyxzsche Qnai
Left Shoutti Qnai
Left Wargona Qnai
Left Korv Korv
Left nahka nahka
Joined Asaaj Asaaj
Left snowdream snowdream
Joined aarnis aarnis
Joined nyxzsche nyxzsche
Left Monta Monta
Left nyxzsche nyxzsche
Left Asaaj Asaaj
Left Neoxyde Neoxyde
Joined Neoxyde Neoxyde
Left Berry Berry
Left Mokki Mokki
Joined snowdream snowdream
Left Piste Qnai
Joined Korv Korv
Left Phoenix Phoenix
Joined Berry Berry
Joined Asaaj Asaaj
Joined nyxzsche nyxzsche
Joined nahka nahka
Left nahka nahka
Joined nahka nahka
Joined Mokki Mokki
Joined Kraven- Kraven-
Left aarnis aarnis
Joined Qnai Qnai
Left amppis amppis
Left Qnai Qnai
Joined aarnis aarnis
Left nahka nahka
Left GiddyM0 GiddyM0
Left Pootis Hood Qnai
Left Alfred Qnai
Joined Monta Monta
Left arD Qnai
Joined GiddyM0 GiddyM0
Left Jers1 Jers1
Joined Nikola Nikola
Left aarnis Shoutti
Left retrix Shoutti
Left Adi0s Shoutti
Joined Asuna Asuna
Joined Markku Markku
Joined Phoenix Phoenix
Left Taimou Kop
Joined Wargona Wargona
Left GiddyM0 GiddyM0
Joined Piste Piste
Joined arD arD
Joined Shoutti Shoutti
Joined Alfred Alfred
Joined Pootis Hood Pootis Hood
Joined Taimou Taimou
Joined GiddyM0 GiddyM0
Joined Jers1 Jers1
Joined nahka nahka
Joined retrix retrix
Joined Mad Cap Mad Cap
Joined amppis amppis
Joined Adi0s Adi0s
Joined aarnis aarnis
Joined Qnai Qnai