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The Fuzzy Rythmic Yaks are an ancient and deeply philosophical religious cult that began with the birth of the original Fuzzy Rythmic Yak – a Yak like no other, who gained through great effort the ability to speak, sing (bass-tenor) and both build and play instruments such as the pan pipes, flute and (reportedly) the guitar. The first followers, Ma-Mingli Koh, Damokles Auty, and Une Bagger witnessed this event and have passed down the story for generations. As the knowledge of this great creature spread far and wide, the group expanded until it became a global religion. The original followers became recognised as the High Priests of the Fuzzy Rythmic Yaks.
But after this period of huge success, where the Yaks were able to both grow in population and popularity, came a epoch of great fear and destruction. Almost all of the Yaks were killed by hunters and mercenaries, who were hired by the governments of the countries they inhabited, as so much was their power feared. Those who escaped were driven out of their grassy homeland of rolling hills and into hiding in harsh desert climates where they would not be found.
Today, these creatures are difficult to find as they prefer the seclusion and safety of their sandy surroundings than to speak to the selfish souls that are found in human society. But regardless, tales of these great, hairy, musically-talented mammals are still told today, as they are fondly recalled by the elders who witnessed their skill and power of instrumental abilities.

N.B.: Certain malicious individuals have been spreading lies claiming that the Fuzzy Rythmic Yaks ate one of the relatives of the Great Spaghetti Monster. This is not so. The Fuzzy Rythmic Yaks are, and always have been pacifists and would never have kidnapped and eaten another being, especially not alive and covered in delicious tomato sauce.


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Date Round Team 1 Team 2 Result
Highlander Season 2 [Archives]
Week 5 (Division 6F) Chillin' Wilds Fuzzy Rhythmic Yaks Default Loss
Week 4 (Division 6F) Fuzzy Rhythmic Yaks Les Team Fortressiens 0 - 6
Week 3 (Division 6F) Fuzzy Rhythmic Yaks Spawn Together 0 - 6
Week 2 (Division 6F) Fuzzy Rhythmic Yaks The Knights Of Social Nee 0 - 6
Week 1 (Division 6F) Fuzzy Rhythmic Yaks HL #2 0 - 6


Date DL POV Competition Round Team 1 Team 2
156 Source TV Highlander Season 2 Week 1
(Division 6F)
Fuzzy Rhythmic Yaks HL #2

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