Forum Rules

Forum/Website Rules & Code of Conduct:

F.1 – Do not flame, insult or swear at other members. Excessive swearing and bigoted/ethnic slurs are never acceptable, regardless of context. If you see someone breaking a rule, please refrain from doing the same and deteriorating the situation. Let forum moderators deal with offenders.

F.2 – Do not post any inappropriate or referral links anywhere on the site. This includes shock sites and phishing/spyware/virus sites.

F.3 – If you wish to bump old threads, please state the reason for doing so, or the topic might be locked. Repeated senseless bumping will be punished.

F.4 – Do not post any sensitive data on these forums, e.g. someone’s date of birth, real name, location etc.

F.5 – Do not contest a forum moderator’s warning or decision, for example by re-posting deleted content, re-creating locked threads, ignoring a warning issued in the thread, or relaying posts from banned users.

F.6 – Do not bring up conflicts (e.g. team arguments, or disagreements with the admins) on the forum. Such threads will be deleted.

F.7 – Feedback discussions (e.g. on unlocks and maps) are to be carried on constructively and politely. Feedback threads will be strictly moderated to ensure the discussion remains healthy.

F.8 – Do not post content that can be deemed “not safe for work”, e.g. pornography, graphic violence and other gross stuff.

F.9 – Threads discussing religion or politics will be locked.

F.10 – Deliberately trying to take threads off-topic will get your comment removed.

F.11 – Copy-pastes or big ASCII art on the forums will get removed if they do not add anything to the thread.

In general, offenders start out with a 1-day ban. After that, the ban length will be doubled for each rule-break. Some offences, such as bigotry or ignoring admins, will be dealt with more severely. This is up to the moderator’s discretion. If you wish to submit a complaint about an admin’s behaviour or a moderation procedure, please do so by contacting a different admin.

ETF2L or its staff is not responsible for any user generated content on this site. Comments on articles and on the forum do not necessarily reflect the opinion of ETF2L or its staff. The same applies to external links posted on this site.