Demoman  Open Skill, Highlander

Wales L'Alliance de Improvisee: revanche

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need demoman main
maincalling ability strongly recommended

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  1. Soda said:

    Looking to sub as sniper.

  2. dx: NTR - CGDCT said:

    please we really need players man come on please

  3. dx: NTR - CGDCT said:

    :sob: :champagne_glass:

  4. dx: NTR - CGDCT said:


  5. retarded cat: chonk said:

    can play demo or pyro if you still need one
    add me BATZEL YONEK#3979

  6. SF said:

    Hi, I *can* play heavy if needed. I’m new to competitive tho :)

  7. Lazy said:

    Can Sub Engineer or Medic
    Add me on Phillipo#0001

    I am fairly new to competitive but have played a few scrims in the past as a sub (Namely as Heavy and Engineer)

  8. Ice Bear said:
    im heavy main