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got cut :((((

Give me a team to feed my childrens cartoon shooting game addiction PLEASE

I've been told I am a good gamer and very keen, pick me up for fun team experience

Heavy prem/d1

Demo d2/top mid

Sniper top mid, might nolife him to play d2 but probably not

Can maincall on demo but not fatman

Got a few trials but always looking for more

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  1. El chippo: BCBB - SDCS! said:

    Good but this guy is better > see he got a 1st place medal

  2. toco said:

    rumor says he knows Jim Vickers :o

  3. Shuffles_: officer - TC said:


  4. Mr British: 9INE said:

    actually brain gamer

  5. supra: TTC - nut said:

    premsolar – the biggest X-Wing lover

  6. MoreBuckets!: CNT - TVZ said:

    met jim vickers in person= an actual madlad!

  7. Astro: CHIMPU18 said:

    This absolute mad gamer NEEDS to find TEAM for childrens cartoon shooting game as he is very GOOD.
    + (he also met jim vickers in person)
    ++ hes good classic sharpshooter man

  8. tuja: (ETF2L Donator) - Redstars - inv said:

    el pollo loco

  9. James: YNWA. said:

  10. hondjo: :muscle: - :) said:

    give team

  11. Stan: Compound - nut said:

    has a n-word pass

  12. poy: apt - pizza said:

    very good when it comes to aiming at the enemy gamers

  13. Adje: FM - رمال said:


  14. shinso: [email protected] - R! said:

    very good

  15. mak: 5G. - V// said:

    memorised minigun spray pattern (still working on tomislav tho)

  16. mental: 46DPM said:

    Caster of the Season – Extrasolar

  17. Buck824: inv said:

    Like to talk… a lot. Is good pootis tho.

  18. Bat: officer - TC said:

    *taps le watch*

  19. Qohen: ranch - CHIMPU18 said:

    top 10 shotgun plays

  20. supra: TTC - nut said:

    teleporter main