HeavySpy  Mid/Open Skill, Highlander

Turkey BKTS

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Next season heavy or spy top open

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  1. Kravech_xd: +3 said:

    He played in my team a few games as spy,decent player can play top open/bottom mid.

  2. stexer: KKK said:

    Not mid, not mid

  3. ReBBeR said:

    +rep nice trader would recommended

  4. Banna: SS D5 said:

    Better for open

  5. stalky: edp said:

    good choice for open

  6. Leila: (squash) - :) said:

    cute heavy, gave me (scout) sandwich in lobby <3

  7. BKTS: YNWA. said:


  8. BKTS: YNWA. said:


  9. BKTS: YNWA. said:

    Active 2

  10. BKTS: YNWA. said:

    Active 3

  11. Yxxo: TSM said:

    not top open even tbh

  12. BKTS: YNWA. said:

    im dont use with pyros dude .)