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Looking for main Heavy spot S10.
Mostly seeing what's out there, sorry but I don't want any sub spots. Got an offer from a friend so it's either main spot or I take his offer, sorry for anybody looking for subs :(

Very keen, looking to improve my Heavy memes.
Project teams are fine, I'm open to all kinds of banter 8)

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  1. drezzo said:

    he’s a good player, very keen.

    memes too strong

  2. Useless: TC.Noobas - Lucrosa said:

    Mista: you’re new players have as ego as big as whale and skill has low as street bench

  3. ivan said:


  4. ivan said:

    Project teams are fine, I’m open*

  5. 4hp: COGU said:

    I love that people still use the street bench line after all this time

    Truly one of the timeless memes of the community

  6. Useless: TC.Noobas - Lucrosa said:

    Indeed, Mista truely made himself immortal with that line which sums up all of the new players trying to jump divs :D

  7. extrasolar: officer - KANKERBOYS said:

    New player, 600 hours on Heavy.
    Bad memes gents :o)

  8. ivan said:

    man pubs are so intense

  9. extrasolar: officer - KANKERBOYS said:

    Only if global’s playing

  10. shinso: ₲₳₦₲₦₳₥ - SPECAL.edo said:

    Great gamer, uses 4.2cm/360 meaning he’s amazing. No jokes, don’t listen to ivan lads, he said 1hp was Iron and now he’s trying to shit on Extrasolar? Ozbiljno tebra, postaje tužno. Nemoj uopšte da pokušavaš da se vučeš na sarkazam, ispašćeš veća budala no što jesi. pozz pozz :*

    Back to solar, definetely worth trialling. Pick him up before anyone else does :^)

  11. shinso: ₲₳₦₲₦₳₥ - SPECAL.edo said:

    Great gamer, uses 4.2cm/360 meaning he’s amazing. No jokes, don’t listen to ivan lads, he said 1hp was Iron and now he’s trying to shit on Extrasolar? Ozbiljno tebra, postaje tužno. Nemoj uopšte da pokušavaš da se vučeš na sarkazam, ispašćeš veća budala no što jesi. pozz pozz :*

    Back to solar, definetely worth trialling. Pick him up before anyone else does :^)

  12. extrasolar: officer - KANKERBOYS said:

    S O L A R B O Y S U N I T E D

  13. yugo: tri_prsta said:

    better than ivan

    lol Kappa

  14. Popkern: BE. said:

    is a good heavy, if he sorted out the toxic attitude i imagine him achieving high a lot easier.

  15. WML said:

    not a bad heavy from what ive seen…

    that being said, can be childish and pretty offensive for no real reason. nice enough guy, but if you dont tolerate immature behaviour and a plethora of memes, hes probably not for you

  16. ivan said:

    im sad but u make a group and make fun of ppl but u never played a div, i also never said im being sarcastic but ur lil friend did ;* now back to me. also shinso ur 15 tf2 is rated M LOL

  17. extrasolar: officer - KANKERBOYS said:

    wow rude

  18. scrambled: (ETF2L Donator) - Ѧ said:

    He should play in high, will do well in high with a team that lets him improve. This guy in mid is a joke.

    Dindu in High, now that’s a joke.

    Ivan shit talking him, now that’s a joke.

    The only person that’s contested me in Heavy MGE, and its always been 20-19, he even beat me 19-20 last time. Heavy MGE, for the record, is not a joke. Idiots.

  19. ivan said:

    im shocked, i have no more words gl in finding a team :]

  20. extrasolar: officer - KANKERBOYS said:

    Dindu got 20-0’d by scrambled rip

  21. scrambled: (ETF2L Donator) - Ѧ said:

    it was either twice or three times I did it, idk cus I wasn’t really paying attention.

  22. Dindu said:

    pretty impressive that hes at 6k hours for a 13 year old

  23. scrambled: (ETF2L Donator) - Ѧ said:

    I have 2100 in game and im 19 you retard mge me oh wait you’ll get 20-0d again when im using controller.

  24. ivan said:

    Circlejerky vibe EleGiggle mge threaths PogChamp dick comparing 4Head must be heavy mains Kappa

  25. scrambled: (ETF2L Donator) - Ѧ said:

    twitch emotes dont work here idiot

  26. ivan said:

    this is too easy hahahah

  27. extrasolar: officer - KANKERBOYS said:

    Ivan you’re getting baited so hard lmao

    tbf it’s not hard, I’ve been doing it for months :o)

  28. phoxii: A07 said:

    “really really really toxic team”

  29. ivan said:

    YOUVE been doing it u say? hmmm

  30. phoxii: A07 said:

    on a serious note, solar is a really competent and fun guy. Would do well in high

  31. phoxii: A07 said:

    ΡΗØΧ11 (Score:20) defeats i main heavy cuz i cant dm (Score:13) in duel to 20 on Viaduct Middle

  32. Firefly: DSR6 - SDCS! said:

    Spams you with chat logs of pub lords calling hacks on him, 10/10 would ask to merc again.

  33. Dindu said:

    C’mon stop shitposting on this poor kids recruitment post

  34. ivan said:

    its hard when the circlejerk attacks u but ty for actively using my bait and even having it on ur profile. i still think its hilarious you paste ppl calling u toxic, retarded etc on your profile AND THERES SO MANY lol. bb

  35. Useless: TC.Noobas - Lucrosa said:

    It’s okay Ivan, the flies are attracted to shit afterall :D

  36. scrambled: (ETF2L Donator) - Ѧ said:

    phoxii you’re probably not playing the new improved heavy mge which is lowgrav on spire viaduct mge is just based on good spawns

  37. phoxii: A07 said:


  38. scrambled: (ETF2L Donator) - Ѧ said:

    bunch of foreignese idiots who dont want to admit to british superiority

  39. extrasolar: officer - KANKERBOYS said:

    Britain. Britain. BRITAIN.

  40. Temrane: cooking - beans said:

  41. scrambled: (ETF2L Donator) - Ѧ said:

    lol i can use plguins 2 u idiot

  42. Temrane: cooking - beans said:

  43. Simba said:

    could do well in open with the right team

  44. extrasolar: officer - KANKERBOYS said: simba died to an open heavy 10 times who was using his 20 fps craptop KappaPride

    If you’re going to meme, meme right 8)

  45. Falcon0408 said:

    still outfragged u tho

  46. Era: (ETF2L Donator) - Muss Los said:

    probably the memelord himself
    he destroyed a scrim where he was mercing with his micspam :/

  47. ivan said:

    heavy 1v1 is who overextends more lol also “If you’re going to meme, meme right 8)” made me cringe o i am laffin

  48. Useless: TC.Noobas - Lucrosa said:

    Way to post a picture insted of the link to hide the stench of shit 8)

  49. 80x said:

    I love how the guy is looking to skip divs and is shittalking superior players. Also, your memes aren’t funny.
    You are LOOKING FOR A TEAM, how are you going to find one if you insult everyone.

  50. Author said:

    hi i wanna be part of meme
    He was fun to merc for in iron,but he has gone to shit with the memes and cancer attitude.
    tbh even is he can handle high i would not recommend him

  51. ivan said:

    im prediciting how he will say how he baited us to make himself feel better also using memes as a way to combat the crushing psychological weight of being alive and getting bullied every day is not the way to go LOL

  52. Simba said:

    what happens to extrasolar if he gets accepted into a high team?

  53. eddie: mwa - said:

    Carried him in open. really chill dude and hes memes are definitly 9/11.

  54. Cryyy said:
    this says enough

  55. Dindu said:

    i merced for this open team as scout or something where solar was a heavy merc and i think he was afraid of coming out as not “high level” (he always tries to prove that he is really good for some reason) so he just destroyed the whole scrim with micspam

    why though

  56. scrambled: (ETF2L Donator) - Ѧ said:

    Played a few games with him, the memes and “cancer attitude” (banter that non brits can’t handle) go away when it matters to comms. Only heavy so far to beat me in low grav heavy mge on spire. 19-20 (I 20-0’d Dindu)

  57. Simba said:

    (banter that non brits can’t handle)

    ayy lmao

  58. extrasolar: officer - KANKERBOYS said:

    Banter is so banterous even some brits can’t handle it

    Next level banter strats right there scrambled

    rip simba

  59. quintosh: (Senior Anti-Cheat Admin) - ^w^ said:

    cancer kid

  60. kounge said:

    mad cuz wors than the almighty solar

  61. extrasolar: officer - KANKERBOYS said:

    kounge telling it like it is 8)

  62. 80x said:

    If I wanted to kill myself I could jump from your ego to your iq

  63. extrasolar: officer - KANKERBOYS said:,_Kuala_Lumpur_(4448480310).jpg

    there’s no need to jump from one to the other, they have a nice little bridge :)

  64. Popkern: BE. said:

  65. extrasolar: officer - KANKERBOYS said:

  66. extrasolar: officer - KANKERBOYS said:

    17:35 – Yuki Usagi: If I wanted to kill myself
    17:35 – Yuki Usagi: I could jump from your ego to your IQ
    17:35 – Yuki Usagi: It’d be a fucking fantastic burn if he could reach either one

  67. Dindu said:

  68. extrasolar: officer - KANKERBOYS said:

  69. Falcon0408 said:

    Quoting chat logs from a weeb, way to boost your rep

  70. proky said:

    lmao this rec post is great

  71. extrasolar: officer - KANKERBOYS said:

    yuki am weeb xd

  72. 80x said:

    I’m not sure whether this post is him boosting his own ego or actually trying to find a team because all you’ve accomplished is attract a lot of attention (congrats) and made yourself look like a cocky meming asshole with friends equally as shit as you. 8)

  73. extrasolar: officer - KANKERBOYS said:

    It’s actually both, anyone who knows me knows my skill is directly proportional to how much my ego has been boosted recently 8)

    still lft if any of u memers are interested xoxoxo


  74. Mould: tavi said:

    also boosts his ego by lmaoboxing on mge/pub with an alt

  75. gost said:

    Rofl Solar doesn’t switch accounts to hack, you need to pay more attention

  76. extrasolar: officer - KANKERBOYS said:

    This is some top quality banter right here gents