Season 4

Division 6b

Week 4

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by jason (Phoenix Squad)



0 - 5

[Screenshots: A ]



0 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]

European Phoenix Squad vs Germany vier // red
0 - 6


SteamID Screenshots: A B


Phoenix Squad (8) jason, Harps, Rage, Randdalf, Zinc, Cthulhu, CrancK, Classy
vier // red (6) synX, Ripple, trust, X_o_X, moLch, rooty


  1. West: PHX said:

    How about Wednesday 4th February at 21.30 CET, our server?

  2. Ripple said:

    Due to shiftworkers in our clan, playing during the week is 99% impossible.

  3. jason: PHX said:

    Are you ok for Friday, Saturday, Sunday matches or just Sat/Sun?

    We’ve got another league booked in for Sat 4th, Sun 5th has potential?

    Failing that we could move it out to Sat 14th?

  4. West: PHX said:

    Not sure which calendar you’re using there Jason, but I think you mean Sat 7th? How does 07.02.09 sound?

  5. Ripple said:

    Friday 6.2.09 would be ok – saturday we play against ImPerial

  6. West: PHX said:

    06.02.09 should be OK. 21.30 CET, our server.

  7. Ripple said:

    Ok, please send me the ServerIP so I could do a ping check!

  8. jason: PHX said:


    Password if it’s set should be gameon

  9. Ripple said:

    Ok, great pings, we’ll play there!
    Will there be any STV? Our guys who won’t play would like to watch the game!

  10. jason: PHX said:


  11. jason: PHX said:

    gg VIER – I enjoyed the games last night.

    gl with the rest of the season

  12. Ripple said:

    Same to you guys! Good luck!

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