Season 4

Division 4d

Week 1

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Beast (Immortals)

This match does not count as one of the teams dropped from this competition.



3 - 3

[Screenshots: A B ]



2 - 0

[Screenshots: A ]

Russia Immortals vs Germany Trick17
4 - 1

SteamID Screenshots: A


Trick17 (6) cold fire, 4ltair, black, Sensenmann, Wolv, amigol
Immortals (6) spartakus_legion, Pandello, Shraike, Beast, spo11er, monetko


  1. Sensenmann said:

    hey we would play the match 20:00 cet

  2. Pandello said:

    guys, we can’t play that sunday. can we play 17.01, saturday? 20:00 should be good for us

  3. Pandello said:

    One of our players(Moneta) cant play at that day he wont be home.

  4. Sensenmann said:

    that is bad i cant play at saturday

  5. Wolv: ScS| said:

    Me neither, + Keeper is still waiting on his PC parts.
    looks like we’re screwed then… for that matter, we scheduled it so everyone could be there.
    If his Steam got hacked or some nforseen stuff, I’d say we’d try to get it moved, but in this matter an admin needs to decide.

    We really don’t have enough players on the other weekdays.

  6. Beast said:

    When you can play?

  7. Wolv: ScS| said:

    Usually Tues- and Thursday evenings and Sundays on ever changing times.
    But I’ll have to start a whole new poll in my team, but for sure it’s gonna be after the sheduled day! And I don’t know in what way that is legal to the Rules. You guys ight have to use your wildcard on this one!

    *This time I used the challange button ;)

  8. Wolv: ScS| said:

    Who changed that Date?!
    Damn sure wasnt one of us!
    And we didn’t agree to it either.

    Saturday is a cant do!

    You agreed to Sunday, + you have backup players.
    And if all goes down the drain there’s still the wild card.

    But I will not accept a default win on your score because you changed the date!

  9. Pandello said:

    what’s the problem? lets play “Tues- and Thursday”, but next week :/

  10. Pandello said:

    also, as Beast (team leader) said, he hadn’t agreed with sunday :/

  11. Wolv: ScS| said:

    I’m totaly confused now, I haven’t been scheduling. I’m just the one with the best english skills to understand your replies ^^

  12. Pandello said:

    so… will we play next week?

  13. Pandello said:

    ok guys we can play that sunday

  14. Sensenmann said:

    k thats nice

  15. Sensenmann said:

    20:00 cet

  16. Sensenmann said:

    gg well played

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