Season 4

Division 5d

Week 3

Date Not Scheduled
Results submitted:
by Krakyn (Rest in peace, gentle Jedis.)

This match does not count as one of the teams dropped from this competition.



0 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]



5 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]

Russia Loveninjas vs International Rest in peace, gentle Jedis.
3 - 3

SteamID Screenshots: A


Loveninjas (6) Dr_Deach, meganekko, GAS, Paradokc, faZa, smith
Rest in peace, gentle Jedis. (6) Zap, Krakyn, Kurj, Abunai, jem, seraph


  1. Abunai said:

    Thursday 29th Jan / Sunday 1st Feb are okay for us.
    Any chance that you can play one of those days? :3

  2. Abunai said:

    Uhm, due to illness/sudden events thursday and sunday no longer work for us.
    Sometime during the week following sunday the 1st should be ok though.

  3. GAS: loveninjas said:

    So pls enter to the calendar any date of next week considering that we are in need to play at 19 00 (because of time difference).

  4. Abunai said:

    Hey, need to sort out server details..
    We are pinging 160-180 best case to your server, so could you please try our server to see if you fair any better.
    Msg me on steam for the details

  5. fallen seraph: rEJ said:

    Or, if abunai wasn’t an idiot you could just check our clan webpage :p

    Also, it might be handy to sort this out soon enough so that we can organise a neutral server if ours isn’t playable for you.

  6. fallen seraph: rEJ said:

    Guys, I’m afraid a 180 ping server really is a no-go for us. Can we either play on our server or, perhaps, ask the ETF2L for a neutral server?

  7. fallen seraph: rEJ said:

    If we don’t hear from ye by tomorrow evening we’ll go to the admins to see what they suggest.

  8. Paradokc said:

    Hello, guys. So if you can`t play on our server and we can`t play on your too. Let ask ETF2L or our friends for server in Europe. It wiil be good, if server will be located in Sweden, Finland or Netherlands. Also we can play on server, which located in Germany. So you can contact me in Steam, if you want.

  9. fallen seraph: rEJ said:

    okay party people, fakkelbrigade have been very kind and given us their netherlands server for the game tomorrow;

    details are: connect; password joint

  10. Krakyn: rEJ said:

    gg, possibly the toughest game we have played as a team )

  11. fallen seraph: rEJ said:

    yeah, gg guys. twas fun )

  12. Zap said:

    most intense game we’ll have in this season I think

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