Highlander Season 25

Division 2A

Week 2

Round commencing: -

Schedule deadline: | Result deadline:

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Royal Flush (W e e z e r ✯ F a n c l u b)



1 - 3

[Screenshots: A ]



0 - 5

[Screenshots: A ]

Russia hopebusters vs Liechtenstein W e e z e r ✯ F a n c l u b
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A B C D


W e e z e r ✯ F a n c l u b (9) lek, Teatime, Temrane, T1mmy, Liko, Bob D, lawjr, Royal Flush, TheMeerCat
hopebusters (9) BlastFM, Denrax, mojocfc, Kantemirovets, Ritz, Meaff, Requiem, marisa, ElRWHawko


  1. smd.: amm0 said:

    русские вперед!

  2. RawLOP: s600 said:

    Русские вперед!

  3. ReseF: 26.10% said:

    Русские вперед!

  4. rulliez: bF - PP said:

    gowan weezah

  5. Refleks: xing - D! said:

    WEEZER FANCLUB LETS GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Kitten: A Dillion - beans said:

    Match cast: https://www.twitch.tv/gt_kitten

  7. Royal Flush: A Dillion - beans said:

    ggs- thanks for the fabulous games!

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