Ultiduo roster locks are now ON.

Season 3

Division 2a


Date Not Scheduled
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by ETF2L Staff



0 - 10

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0 - 8

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Poland Panacea vs International Envision
0 - 6


  1. JimmyBreeze: k^m said:

    To be played Wednesday the 26th at 21 CET

    Maps will be 1. Badlands 2. Turbine 3. Gravel Pit

  2. JimmyBreeze: k^m said:

    Hey guys, we need to move this back half an hour to 21.30 CET as I forgot we have ESL at 20 CET on the same night. Is that ok?

    I’ll be on IRC if we need to talk this over. :)

  3. JimmyBreeze: k^m said:

    Jimmy Breeze: i was asking if it was ok to move our game back half an hour to 21.30 CET, because i forgot we had ESL vs eLD at 20.00 CET
    Jimmy Breeze: we are currently scheduled for 21.00 CET
    `#nL.ortho: ok, thats not a problem
    Jimmy Breeze: ok great, thanks
    `#nL.ortho: we can play at 21.30 CET
    `#nL.ortho: no problem

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