Highlander Season 23

Division 4B

Week 2

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0 - 3

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0 - 3

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European "Europe" All-Stars vs Seychelles WRONGDOG GAMING
0 - 6

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WRONGDOG GAMING (9) Imulion, ayden, moikill231, rulliez, PyroHam, Sh4rpyy, Gergosz., Not Steven, croc
"Europe" All-Stars (9) Kxelos, nasdo, red, FLARES', Vrox, RealmLord, Silver, PenDraGon, TSM


  1. Default Date said:

    A default date has been set for this match by ETF2L.
    The default date is: Thursday, 04 February 2021, 20:30
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.
    If the default date does not suit you, please contact your opponent and ask them to reschedule.

  2. rulliez: bF - PP said:

    oh shit the flares + 8

  3. FLARES': Asia - ST said:

    requesting demos of flares!

  4. laiky: goat crack said:

    ez for flares

  5. laiky: goat crack said:

    ez for sh4rpyy

  6. FLARES': Asia - ST said:


  7. moikill231: among us said:

    FLARES no

  8. FLARES': Asia - ST said:

    why :c

  9. moikill231: among us said:

    I dont know :(

  10. Gergosz.: ADO - ADO said:


  11. red: STARS said:

    try not to repost dead meme challenge failed at minute 1

  12. DuMmTm: woofwoof - COGU said:

    BIG CONTENT https://twitch.tv/dummtm

  13. FLARES': Asia - ST said:

    dummtm put cam on me when i go high

  14. FLARES': Asia - ST said:

    my wrist hurts ABORT ABORT

  15. moikill231: among us said:

    Too late now

  16. rulliez: bF - PP said:

    put cam on me when i bomb flares (60% of the game)

  17. FLARES': Asia - ST said:

    60% isn’t enough

  18. moikill231: among us said:

    put cam on when I pootis pow FLARES

  19. FLARES': Asia - ST said:


  20. rulliez: bF - PP said:

    put cam on eden when he drops to FLARES!

  21. tendon: Pill said:


  22. FLARES': Asia - ST said:

    put cam on rulliez when he stuffs me with pipes 😍

  23. DickSauce said:

    Cant wait to see my boy Moi get baited

  24. LukA: DI said:

    if uo losea thes i cri muchk

  25. rulliez: bF - PP said:

    if anything, moikill will be the one to bait me dicksauce

  26. FLARES': Asia - ST said:

    moikill231 😍

  27. moikill231: among us said:

    I let rulliez die so I can get more kills :P

  28. DickSauce said:

    Make me proud Moi

  29. TemmTemm: Geschwind - A$$ said:

    Gl hf, both of ya!

  30. moikill231: among us said:


  31. Z0rpi said:

    Good luck to both, Rulliez Beast!

  32. rulliez: bF - PP said:

    laikyToday at 11:38 AM
    rulliez can i merc demo in your offickoa tloognithjgt

  33. pesky: BIOCHEMIST - WARSAW said:

    good luck in your offickoa tloognithjgt

  34. Brs: JOY said:

    ok kill flares we win

  35. Merk said:

    https://prnt.sc/yduwbq lol

  36. FLARES': Asia - ST said:

    merk, that’s why no one likes you.

  37. rulliez: bF - PP said:

    merk get out of here bottom open player thanks

  38. FLARES': Asia - ST said:


  39. Highlander: McV - Pill said:

    whos this merk guy LOL

  40. red: STARS said:

    for mef

  41. FLARES': Asia - ST said:

    send the entire log next time, gl in your open offi.

  42. FLARES': Asia - ST said:

    bottom open offi

  43. Merk said:

    yet we absolutely rolled you, making two of ur players quit ;)

  44. FLARES': Asia - ST said:

    this was a team of my friends, a joke ugc team, I understand that you won’t get this since no one would friend someone like you (except that catgirl) but come on, if you wanna trashtalk me then send a log of a serious game, or atleast the entire log of that game :\

  45. FLARES': Asia - ST said:

    everyone here thinks that you’re a joke, why can’t you just move on and become better of a person? just once?

  46. rulliez: bF - PP said:

    @merk get out of open first pls

  47. Merk said:



    then disconnects from server cause he gets farmed by an open sniper lmao

  48. Merk said:

    and i dont wanna leave open, it’s fun in open cause i can do funny shit like brass beast in games

  49. FLARES': Asia - ST said:

    also, for the two players quitting, being me and brs, brs left because he had a scrim with the etf2l team at 19:30
    and I left at 20 as well because I had a 20 scrim too since we started a bit late. so please understand the situation before clowning like this.

  50. Merk said:

    sure bro is that why you raged for an entire map at an open sniper

  51. FLARES': Asia - ST said:

    Ah yes, merk sending part of the chat logs and still thinks that any of us are mad, certified merk moment.
    I’m not gonna reply any further, it’s just gonna be a waste, gl in your open offi.

  52. Brs: JOY said:

    It would be a waste to explain what actually happened to someone who’s been stuck in open since 2017 (not you rulliez~~~!!1)

  53. Sherlock said:

    Lmao, merk stuck in open since 1998 and still talks LOL

  54. Sherlock said:

    Merk, get outta here plz. You’re out of your league ^_^. Friendly advice

  55. ayden: duplo said:

    @merk u got nothing going for u in life lol

  56. Merk said:

    i play in open because i can go brass beast flank heavy, why the fuck would i turn down that for being a pocket bitch?

  57. FLARES': Asia - ST said:


  58. rulliez: bF - PP said:

    merk u stay in open cos u would get no other offers elsewhere stop lying to urself and shut up

  59. Merk said:

    nah im not mad like you were yesterday ;)

  60. pesky: BIOCHEMIST - WARSAW said:

    you play in open because youre untalented lol sucks to be u

  61. Merk said:

    i play in open for brass beast flank heavy mr pesky supreme overlord scout main

  62. ayden: duplo said:

    My statuses:
    Online: Send a message
    Busy: As it says. Busy.
    Away: I’m away
    Offline: Tad bit obvious.
    In game: I will reply but after a while maybe.
    Looking to Trade: Who uses this?
    Looking to Play: Who uses this too?

  63. FLARES': Asia - ST said:

    this is supposed to be a match page not a page where we meme merk

  64. Merk said:

    why are you talking then flares

  65. rulliez: bF - PP said:

    ok guys i think shut up now thanks!:D

  66. Sherlock said:

    حب @rulliez

  67. FLARES': Asia - ST said:

    حب كثير @rulliez

  68. TheMeerCat: (squash) said:

    can you lock a matchpage comment section … ?

  69. Sherlock said:

    Unfortunately, thats not possible

  70. laiky: goat crack said:

    whos merk?

  71. croc: Asia - -Xe- said:


  72. moikill231: among us said:

    connect; password tv
    stv connect^

  73. tendon: Pill said:

    red: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNlcmJLDVJ0

  74. tendon: Pill said:

    pesky: WARSAW said:
    Today, 13:23

    you play in open because youre untalented lol sucks to be u

    shut up pesky dude its my time to shine dude easiest shit of my life dude


  75. Akio: bF - PP said:

    WRONGDOG gaming

  76. Sh4rpyy: ADO - ADO said:


  77. rulliez: bF - PP said:

    gg, good luck in rest of the season <3

  78. FLARES': Asia - ST said:

    gg, was fun times.

  79. red: STARS said:


  80. MOFU: lil said:

    Merk truly the man that should be listened to when talking about sniper gameplay

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