Season 22 powered by High Playoffs


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by ETF2L Staff



0 - 5

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5 - 6 (golden cap)

[Screenshots: A ]

France top5rocket vs Israel Foreskings
1 - 5

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top5rocket (6) Opti, Blitzo, Kaiizo, Ombrack, Néo, Medico
Foreskings (6) Zangetsu, Spary, JackyLegs, s0rex, wackey, Shulqiple


  1. ETF2L Staff said:

    Welcome to the Season 22 powered by High Tier Finals.

    This match will be played as a best-of-three.

    To decide maps please follow the instructions given in the General Rules under Map Elimination with equal seeds.

    Good luck.

  2. Ombrack: Top5rocket said:

    How is it equal seed ? We finished first of the regular season ?

  3. DamnEasy said:

    Because you both came from semi finals

  4. nuze: BTWFC - bobs said:


  5. Hatefield: BanJ said:

    This will be intresting

  6. Ombrack: Top5rocket said:

    22:40 – bazooka_joe: ban snake
    22:40 – Ombrack.: ban granary
    22:41 – Ombrack.: we pick sunshine
    22:43 – bazooka_joe: pick process
    22:47 – bazooka_joe: ban product
    22:49 – Ombrack.: We pick gullywash as decider

    Sunshine, Process, Gullywash
    Have fun bois

  7. Admirable: (Toucan Ambassador) said:

    Admirable, Honey and Suyooo to bring you coverage!

  8. Opti: /ff said:

    Hope that this will be a nice game

  9. moursi: (Big Poppa) - bobs said:

    Ombrack: this is going to be the easiest game of my life

  10. Ombrack: Top5rocket said:

    I’ve said this only one time in my life, when i was about to play ownage noobs

  11. Raptor: BTWFC - S-O said:


  12. dizerRR said:

    ez for jews

  13. loopster said:

    La prem !

  14. Josh: ez - LEGO said:

  15. parkingturtle: RY said:

    ALLEZ LE TOP5!!! <3

  16. wonder said:


  17. Nagi: wG said:

    ב ת י ם

  18. Nagi: wG said:

    ג’קי לגס מבת ים ! ! !

  19. shoras said:


  20. dizerRR said:

    jews in i58

  21. Opti: /ff said:

    Actually really impressed by you !

  22. dizerRR said:

    dmoule: 4skings gonna get trashed by top5

  23. wackey: 4SKINGS said:

    gg guys :D

  24. Ombrack: Top5rocket said:

    sry team

    gg guys, you deserve it

  25. Tamir said:

    Finally israel won somethingproves the real s0rex > sorextop5israel/

  26. Phnx: BC said:

    predictable, jews in prem again
    forgot to bet on saloon ;_;

  27. Freakie: KOLAR - .awkward said:

    ombrack noo

  28. WARHURYEAH: :nerd: said:

    i would like to claim 10% of winnings as you’re still using my avatar.

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