Highlander Season 9 powered by marketplace.tf - Premiership Playoffs Qualifiers


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by CeeJaey (Strong Opinions)



1 - 0

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5 - 0

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European Strong Opinions vs European Team Colonslash: Express
6 - 0

SteamID Screenshots: A


Strong Opinions (9) Thalash, cloudy, EmilioEstevez, CeeJaey, Korv, Steve!, Toast, Seal, Raptor
Team Colonslash: Express (9) haiku, senzeN, .zero, Munky, JustJosh, FrostByte, Spyro, Useless, Simba


  1. ETF2L Staff said:

    Welcome to the Premiership Qualifiers!

    This competition uses the bo3 format.

    Maps are decided using the Map Elimnation System. In case you cannot decide who should go first a Heavy Fist Fight will have to decide.

    The winner of this match will advance to the Premier Division.

    Please use the season 9 whitelist as found here:
    http://whitelist.tf/etf2l_9v9_s9 (!rcon tftrue_whitelist 4596)

  2. Arcades: .yu - pizza said:

    Cast? Wanna see SO advance to prem

  3. haiku said:

    can i give a shout out to my waifu?

  4. cloudy: kiti said:

    gl hf

  5. unu said:

    Easiest game of S-O’s lives.

    Good luck bois!

  6. potte said:

    Gogogo tc

  7. Reservoir Dog: TC.Express said:

    Good luck friends, I am still watching you from the dark corner of life! :)

  8. Synrise: (ETF2L Donator) - GIEL - CHIMP said:

    Let’s go TC!

  9. Toast: S-O said:



  10. adysky: 7 - S-O said:



  11. Useless: TC.Noobas - Lucrosa said:

    22:30 – TC Useless: Viaduct is gone
    22:31 – TC Useless: Well, “product” to be correct :D
    22:43 – CeeJæy: ok
    22:43 – CeeJæy: we ban steel
    22:44 – TC Useless: Process is gone
    22:44 – CeeJæy: we ban gpit
    22:45 – TC Useless: Warmtic is gone
    22:45 – CeeJæy: we ban barnblitz
    22:45 – TC Useless: Upward is our pick
    22:46 – CeeJæy: We pick Gully
    22:46 – CeeJæy: So Badwater decider
    22:46 – TC Useless: Marvelous

  12. haiku said:

    win or lose hopefully both teams have a great season :3

  13. Jon: Essentials said:

    Casted on http://www.twitch.tv/blackoutgamingtv2/ with ?, Stinson_Out & Arjax

  14. Seal: Gaston - S-O said:

    revenge match http://etf2l.org/matches/58483/ i wont let this happen again

  15. .zero: -chess- said:

    you should go out drinking

  16. Sheezer: *aip said:

    Let’s go Express

  17. cloudy: kiti said:


  18. CeeJaey: (The MvM Guy) - ︻デ═一一 - S-O said:



    Good luck for next season :)

  19. haiku said:


    good luck next season :D

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