Highlander Nations Cup #4 powered by Tt eSPORTS

Group 5

Round 2

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by Mista (France)



0 - 1

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0 - 1

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Bulgaria Bulgaria vs France France
0 - 6

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Bulgaria (9) fr3fou, Rocket Launcher, x0f, Agent 0, LaMqTa, Pie, Lupus, nCholev, spazmatic
France (9) NiCO god's hand, bebeto, Hidan, T-Mac, Izzy57, DeGuN, SUZY, Mista, NULL


  1. Pie said:

    20 CEST is ok most of the days for us!

  2. Mista said:


  3. Pie said:

    best ddos game of my life

  4. LaMqTa: fenneks said:

    gg…only if izzy wasn’t streaming so they couldn’t ddoss all the servers.. It’s really god damn sad.. GL with your next officials

  5. Sonny: m0. said:

    suck be _)_

  6. Mista said:

    gg folks, gl for what’s next.

    lamqta he never showed any ip information on the stream, you can watch the vod.

  7. Glastry said:

    Baguette > DDOS

  8. fr3fou said:

    mista, someone couldve easily tracked down HIS ip and see where is it connected to sooo..
    and why did the ddos stop after he left?

  9. Mista said:

    how could someone have EASILY tracked down his ip? maybe someone’s got his ip, maybe he’s personally targeted, maybe that’s why ddos stopped after he left, like you said, but it’s far from EASY to track down someone’s ip, just like that.

  10. Izzy57 said:

    It’s simple.

    I was offline during the begining of the official, when i was ddosed, the connexion with steam change your status and after that you are Online on steam, just after the server was ddosed.

    i think the guys who ddosed me have already my IP. and i can’t change my IP so i really don’t know how to be protected !!

    Sorry for my english

  11. LaMqTa: fenneks said:

    I really don’t know what to more to say. I don’t see who’s fault it is, but you all should do something about it. It’s aids to play against you, and its because of someone who does recent ddos on your official matches. And when we add that you are all well experienced players, it makes it even easier for you to win a/the match(or really hard for the enemies to win). I think the same happend with the match against Portugal, last week, isn’t it?

    Currently, we could have won the round 2(in my opinion (i don’t want to sound like a jerk)) if the ddos did not happen when we capped B point and later on had 6-7 minutes pause. In this pause we just stayed and waited something to happen, writing in the chat and thinking what to do – change server or just wait till the server problem goes away or contact admin. I don’t think we all got the right decision just to resume the match, but whatever, i guess its already over. However, after the unpause Izzy has gone offline on twitch.tv and the ddos/lag on the server stopped. So if you ask me someone should do something about it, either you or ETF2L Admins or server owners. Try to do some protection or find this DDoS-er (i know right, lol).

  12. Mista said:

    LOL bs bro, you’re just sounding like a bad loser.
    Oh yes it was an aids game, no admins couldn’t do nothing about it cause we asked them, no we couldn’t have prevented it in any way as we took as many precautions as we could have potentially.
    And no, it didn’t “make it easier for us to win” as we immediately paused as soon as lag occured, then when we unpaused the lag stopped.
    And don’t lie to yourself about round 2, we played with 8 players against 9 for almost the entire round, dropping our medic with full uber advantage like 3 times :D how is that giving US an advantage over you ? You guys coudn’t even cap D or E while you were playing with 9 v 8 buddy :D
    I don’t know what you smoke bro, but I want the same thing.

    And last thing, our first official againt Portugal was also ddosed like you mentioned, we instantly stopped the game as soon as lag started, switched to a “clean” server, then gave the portuguese fellas a slight time advantage when we resumed the game.

    So don’t bs dude “blabla it makes it even easier for you to win matches/harder for your opponents” when it’s the exact contrary in reality.

  13. LaMqTa: fenneks said:

    The way you explained your view tells me enough. We will see what will happen with your next official, probably ddosed again, but meh, i might bring some of the the ‘thingy i smoke’ to your next enemies so they can avoid the lag. Thanks for your response though.

  14. Mista said:

    It’s not just my view bro, it’s the facts, plain & simple.
    If unfortunately there’s a ddos during next game, all they’d need to be is being patient, just like we were when your last guy arrived 42 minutes late (!), and we didn’t take neither default nor we forced you to play with 8 ;D
    So take it easy and bring some of that thingy for us as well, because right now you’re making the scumbag ddoser happy.

  15. Fuxx: SDCS! said:

    i ddosed u

  16. Mista said:

    haha fuxx it was you all along, i knew it you sunovab….

  17. fr3fou said:

    https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=3900136 its that easy

  18. fr3fou said:

    and there many more ways, thats just one of them

  19. ElazulTF2 said:

    Can’t believe what I’m reading lol

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