Season 3

Division 4a

Week 7

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Penguin_ (klan:adjektiv)



5 - 1

[Screenshots: N\A ]



3 - 2

[Screenshots: N\A ]

Sweden klan:adjektiv vs Germany Gods of Egypt
6 - 0


  1. elpedro said:

    What du you guys say about this match? Sunday 12:th 2100 CET?

  2. elpedro said:

    Come on guys make some kind of effort to play this match, I tried to get your attention in your IRC channel and on steam, Nothing works, So you have me on steam and our IRC chennel is #sweden-online on quakenet. Please we need to schedule this game soon!

    Best regards

  3. sul.: FsA said:


    sry we got a lot of wars to arrange the last weeks, was as little bit confusing for us.
    Your proposed date is ok, game will be played on sunday, october 12th @ 21 CET.

  4. elpedro said:

    Great, let the best team win then :)

  5. Penguin_ said:

    GG we were kind of scared the last minutes at turbine :D

  6. elpedro said:

    gg, great game on turbine!

  7. QuiGon: FsA said:


    was really close on turbine

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