Season 3

Division 4a

Week 2

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by DoomWolf (Necrotic United Brothers)



1 - 1

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2 - 3

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Sweden klan:adjektiv vs International Necrotic United Brothers
1 - 4


  1. Don't Hassel The Hoff: .:DCSB:. said:

    gl hf

  2. Oliz: [CiC] said:

    gl hf :)

  3. Dude said:


  4. Dude said:

    4on6. gg mates

  5. Skoberget: Gurka* said:

    Considering we played most of Gravel and half of Badlands with 5 people I think we did pretty good. Even managed to cap C on Gravel with only 4 people :) … If it had been 6 vs 6 we’d probably have won quite easy.

  6. elpedro said:

    Well we played 4 vs 6 on gravelpit and still 3-3 and 5 vs 6 3-2 on badlands, fair and square…fuck my as. All we asked for was for you to paus for 3 fucking minutes in gravelpit so we could get one more player in the match but no you couldn’t even do that, I really can’t say gg on this one becouse you didn’t earn it.

  7. Haunter said:

    1.6.7 Minimum of 5 players needed to play a match

    Your team will need at least 5 players to play a scheduled 6on6 match. You can ask your opponent to allow you a ringer (maximum: 2) to field in your team. Your opponent doesn’t have to agree to a ringer.

  8. elpedro said:

    Well we know the rules, I don’t talk about ringers here either. So what do you do if something happends just before the match?

    Maybe you should look over the rules for wildcard etc, You don’t stand a chanse if something should happend just before a match. Like it did to us. This wasent planned.

    Shit happens!

  9. elpedro said:

    And we did start with five people though i dropped sometimes (connection problems) So then again should we really get a minor warning if we did start the match with five people and four people in the end?

  10. Skoberget: Gurka* said:

    As Pedro said, we started with five people. One having trouble with internet and getting disconnected all the time hence we had 4 players alot of the time at gravel.

  11. elpedro said:

    Lets just leave this alone, Dont’t feel like have a big discussion about this matter.

  12. h.ulv: h. - Liero said:

    No need to get agitated. NUB could have been kind enough to pause while eXhale was down to 4 men. Its called fair play. On the other hand, they are not to blame for one players connection problems, and if it happened repeatedly, they cannot be expected to pause the game over and over.

    As for them not allowing a ringer, it is their full right, and must be respected.

    I do wonder however what the admins feel about the pausing of games. When does fair play turn into unfair play, and why did eXhale get a warning. Will we get warned too if two players have connection problems during the game?

  13. elpedro said:

    h.ulv: I can’t agree with you more, I would never blame NuB for our connection problems though that we get one warning for connection problems Is a shame.

  14. elpedro said:

    But if something like this happends again we will do a WO becouse you earn more when you do that.

  15. Haunter said:

    if u dont have 4 players, oponent gets default win
    and first of all, instead of comming here with show off saying u win 4vs6, watch the rules

    lack of sportmainship from both teams, nub for not pausing, and exhale for show off after the game

    i would thank the end of discussion about this game

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