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Week 2

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Date Scheduled:
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by adam :3 (ROT-REICH-ROT)



0 - 5

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1 - 5

[Screenshots: A ]

France orKs eSport vs Austria ROT-REICH-ROT
0 - 6

SteamID Screenshots: A


ROT-REICH-ROT (6) TaylorSwiftFan100, ixy, Joshi, jpeezy, vUUZ, adam :3
orKs eSport (6) Zikto, hamza, Dyde, Remitche, Lurius, John


  1. Default Date said:

    A default date has been set for this match by ETF2L.
    The default date is: Tuesday, 10 February 2015, 21:15
    Please play this match on the appointed time and submit the results.
    If the default date does not suit you, please contact your opponent and ask them to reschedule.

  2. Pete_: PrettyGay said:

    Weil’s um Österreich geht

  3. Ignis: (๑╹ω╹๑ ) said:

    arbeit macht frei!

  4. TaylorSwiftFan100: PrettyGay said:

    ignis is a nazi pls ban

  5. Maxi: Exp - doge said:

    torr1t to drop again

  6. vUUZ said:


  7. TaylorSwiftFan100: PrettyGay said:

  8. Dyde said:

    Belle team que celle des FPÖ e-sports.
    Agréable de voir son serveur refusé sans raison, et de devoir attendre 30min pour finalement jouer sur un serveur ETF2L. J’apprécie aussi les menaces de défaut win après qu’il nous fasse attendre 30min, tout ça par-ce qu’on attends que Pognon Streameur chez orks se connecte sur la sourcetv.
    Des personnes exemplaires, qui ne rajoute pas de taunt in game après avoir était des trou du cul pendant 30min.

    Être meilleur ne donne pas le droit d’être de parfait connard.

  9. jpeezy: Tyrone - EE said:

    lol med frenchie pls stfu)))))))

  10. TaylorSwiftFan100: PrettyGay said:

    we didn’t want to play on your server not even a map, don’t know whats so bad about it. you didn’t want to play 2 maps on ours so we had to wait for an etf2l one, was unlucky it took a while but as much your fautl as it was ours.
    was unlucky idk why youre butthurt
    the rest i didn’t understand because you seem unable to communicate in an international language :))))))

  11. Dyde said:

    You didnt want to play without giving any good reason, all of your players have good ping and the server have the correct cfg.
    Then after this misunderstanding, you continue to taunt in game, refuse to wait 2min for our streamer. It was really annoying to communicate whith your team.

    Be better not give you the right to be a asshole.

  12. TaylorSwiftFan100: PrettyGay said:

    How often did i tell you the reasons? choke/wrong cfg/the server was lagging all in all, you denied our server without reason too.
    and yeah sorry that after 30 min of getting a server we didn’t want to wait for a french streamer, if the maps would have taken full length or possibly gone into overtime ixce might not have been able to finish.
    communication with you wasn’t exactly easy either when i tell you no only to be asked the same question 9 times more. i don’t think theres any point pointing fingers or calling us assholes here when it was all in all just an unfortunate situation
    “Taunting in game”? I suppose you mean the “worth the wait” or similar things and if you can’t handle that maybe you shoulnd’t do something competitiv cause there’s always gonna be shittalk you noob.

  13. Dyde said:

    From my point of view, its like you tried to upset our players by any means, and you are successful. Anyway that our problem.
    But I hope, as a E-sport player we can give respect each other when we match.

  14. TaylorSwiftFan100: PrettyGay said:

    exactly, we tried to get the etf2l server to not let us connect, we tried getting it to not switch map and we ddosed your server so it lagged while we tested it so we can deny it.
    you got us

  15. Finam: proc. - BnR! said:

    Pourquoi il a pas joué Pedo? Quand est-ce qu’il joue?

  16. Joshi said:

    hoit de gosch

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