Season 3

Division 4a

Week 5

Date Scheduled:
Results submitted:
by Aegis (Smart Move)



1 - 3

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2 - 0

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Sweden klan:adjektiv vs Italy Smart Move
3 - 3


  1. elpedro said:

    Need to shedule this match, can you guys play 24th 2100 CET?

  2. Aegis: CdC said:

    21.30 would be better
    we need to discuss the day i’m in your irc chan, ours is #smartmove
    or just add me on steam: aegisbyrth

  3. Aegis: CdC said:

    thursday 21:30 ?

  4. elpedro said:

    It’s either today or sunday, won’t play a friday or saturday thats just the way things are. And becouse you couldn’t play on sunday then we don’t have any options but to play the match today have we.

  5. Penguin_ said:

    We agreed to rescheduele the match (we got a screen of it, but I don’t think they’ll argue :P). Hopefully we’ll find a fair server untill then :)

  6. Aegis: CdC said:

    yep, we agree to reschedule, as a couple or their members didnt manage to connect on our server, and our medic ping was 250ish on theirs

  7. elpedro said:

    thats correct, reschedule for a fair game : )

  8. elpedro said:

    can you guys play today 2100 CET, we really need to play this match soon and this time if you wan’t us to play on your server please fix it so we can play on it, or we have a good server to play on, You have me on steam so I will be there all day on my work.


  9. elpedro said:

    I won’t say this again, either we play the match or you leave WO becouse I won’t say this no more, you say you will get back to me but you don’t so…What more can I do?

  10. DeNeusbeer: (Legend) - HoT<3 said:

    Please reschedule this match. If one of the teams does not respond to the other teams requests, they will be given a default win. (and i want to see it, so post on the matchpage).

  11. elpedro said:

    Can you guys play tomorow(2:nd october) at 2100 CET?

    please respond to this.

  12. Aegis: CdC said:

    we agreed to play tomorrow 2/10/08 at 21:30cet

  13. elpedro said:

    yes thats correct, btw can we have a ringer(standin) today?

  14. elpedro said:

    smart move accepted that we could use a ringer for this match.

  15. elpedro said:

    great game, wonderful people. gg!

  16. thuggie said:

    looked like a cool game, any demos?

  17. elpedro said:

    Just got first person, ask smart move we played on their server so they may have one : )

    And it was a great game ; )

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